EA Bringing "Marquee" Game To 3D, Multiple Titles To Motion Controllers

EA Bringing "Marquee" Game To 3D, Multiple Titles To Motion Controllers

EA COO John Schappert said today that the publisher will be showing off a few new, unannounced games at E3, all of them making use of some of gaming’s most promising – and potentially gimmicky – technology.

Speaking during his company’s fiscal results conference call, Schappert said “we will also unveil games that make use of the new motion controllers from Sony and Microsoft”. Plural, and for both systems. An EA Sports game, perhaps? Madden, or FIFA?

He then goes on to say “we will also show a marquee title in breathtaking 3D”. “Marquee” could mean Madden, it could mean The Sims, it could mean Need For Speed. Who knows. Which would you rather see in 3D? Provided you want to see anything at all?


  • Why do you tease me with a image from Jungle Strike? I’ve been waiting for ‘Future Strike’ on Playstation for what feels like an eternity now!

    • yeah, Soviet & Nuclear Strike were pretty special. Wish I still had them! 🙁

      I’d love an upgrade with the production values of Command and Conquer, that would be pretty sweet…

    • Avatar game has already been made in 3D and released. I think it was Ubisoft. Wasn’t as good as the movie.

      And Clash Of The Titans game is already on the way from Namco. Can’t possibly be worse than the movie.

      A new Need For Speed seems the best suited to 3D. Aren’t Criterion working on an NFS game? And you know if there’s one group of people at EA who are going to get the best out of a new technology, it’s Criterion.

      • Criterion looks like they are doing SSX reboot… perhaps that will be in 3D also…

        Can’t wait for a new SSX though…

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