EA Could Do A Deal With Halo Creators As Well

EA Could Do A Deal With Halo Creators As Well

Halo creators Bungie may have signed a publishing deal with Activision, but let’s not forget, there’s always the possibility they can sign with rivals Electronic Arts as well.

Remember: Bungie’s deal with Activision is for a single piece of intellectual property. With Bungie being a massive studio, however, there remains the distinct possibility it could become so big that, like Rockstar, it splinters and can work on several games at once. Should that happen, EA will be waiting in the wings.

“I don’t want to see them fail – I want them to be successful”, EA’s David DeMartini told CVG. “And when they start up a second team, we’ll have other discussions with them about that game as well – because they’re a great studio. There are probably only 20 studios in the world that are that highest level – and they’re certainly one of them.”

Sounds like desperation on the part of EA, but I’d hope that if Bungie learned one thing from its departure from Microsoft, it’s that saddling up with a single publisher for the long term can be a risky proposition.

EA: Bungie deal still possible [CVG]


  • The excitement never ends at Bungie. I’m interested that Kotaku described EA as ‘desperate’. Are they really in that much financial trouble? Or was he talking about trying to grab a slice of the Bungie goodness before it was gobbled by Activision?

    • With Bungie moving to Activision they aren’t tied down by one console. Since Microsoft created the xbox it was obvious to keep Bungie only working games for their console. But with activision being Multi-platform PS3,360 and PC will all get the love. I don’t know how PS3 fanboys will feel, I’m sure one of the reasons they hate Halo was it wasn’t accessible on the PS3. But that’s just my opnion. I just hope Activision doesn’t screw them over like a certain developer~

  • I think this is what alot of Halo fans fail to recognise.

    Bungie is still Bungie – Activision are purely the middle man between Bungie and the consumers. Their are no chiefs at Activision telling Bungie what they can and can’t do.

    I would vision it as, Activision have seen what Bungie are working on, pleased with and and said, well we want to publish this and thats the contract made out. How many games of this IP is anyones guess – but its over 10 years. With the Rockstar reference it may be something like 3 or 4 games in that 10 years like GTA series.

    I would even like to see Bungie still let MS publish something exclusively if they decide to have separate teams work on different and new (or old… Halo?) material. They did do that with ODST whilst others were working on Reach.

    ODST turned out great (minus the really bad character facials) so it is possible and it seems they are always recruiting without any news of people leaving…

    I love Bungie+Microsoft. Even if it means no Halo games, i don’t wanna see that disappear any time soon.

  • I don’t know about this. Activision pretty much broke off their long engagement with Infity Ward because they heard they were spending time with EA, now on the rebound they start hooking up with Bungie. Sure Bungie says they’re just having fun and it isn’t anything serious, but I don’t think Activision could take it if Bungie started seeing EA on the side as well.

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