EA’s Secret ‘Project Red’ Already Rated

EA’s Secret ‘Project Red’ Already Rated

What is EA’s “Project Red”, the mysterious game that was just rated by Australia’s ratings board? It could be the game also known as “Project RedLime” the game also widely believed to be a new Syndicate.

The new rating for the game known as “Project Red” doesn’t tell us much, other than that it comes with “strong violence” and that the “gaming experience may change online”. It also doesn’t tell us, explicitly, that this is Starbreeze Studios’ take on the classic cyberpunk Syndicate universe. It tells us that EA is getting a little bit better about masking its game announcements.

Speaking of, shouldn’t an official reveal of Project Red be coming soon, if the game’s already being submitted to a government ratings board? If it does, we’ll pretend to be surprised if the game, like XCOM, makes the switch to first-person shooter.

PROJECT RED [OFLC via Joystiq]


  • Man oh man, Sydnicate was the greatest game. My brothers and I used to take turns trying to one-up each other all the time.

    Meeeemories. I hope they keep it retro (but I know they won’t).

  • Loved collecting massive crowds with the persuadertron in both games, but you had to be careful when trying to catch agents or else they turned into human shields when you tried to get close enough.
    If they don’t go retro, I hope they throw in the originals.

  • If there is a new Syndicate game coming out for both PC and consoles I’m hoping that they paid a lot of attention to Halo Wars. Its not the best RTS but it does a good job of highlighting where a faithful Syndicate game could go right/wrong.
    That and Dead Rising. Nothing says Syndicate like a thousand mindless zombies following you around. =P

  • EA managed to get a game rated and we’re still unsure of what it actually is? That is surprising.

    Everything gets leaked online these days, so EA are obviously playing this one very close to their chest.

    I have high-hopes for the Syndicate remake, but I also expect to be disappointed…

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