European PlayStation Store Sneezes, Falls Over

European PlayStation Store Sneezes, Falls Over

European PlayStation 3 owners had a bit of trouble yesterday, with their PlayStation Store wallet and purchasing system falling down as people tried to grab Modern Warfare 2’s downloadable content.

Issues reported to Sony included freeze-ups while trying to enter money into their PSN wallet, transactions showing up on credit card statements but not their PSN accounts and error codes while trying to download the Stimulus Pack.

Those having wallet problems are advised to wait a few hour and try again. Those with errant transactions will have to wait for the PSN to process said transactions. And those unable to download Modern Warfare 2’s DLC are simply being told to wait and try grabbing it during “off-peak” hours”.

PlayStation Network Issues Update [PlayStation]


  • Blame the volcano and Greece. Perhaps Greece are taking money through the PSN network to fix their economy!

  • I just had visions of Lemmings all lined up outside a Big cardboard cutout of a PSN store on a cliff.

    Worst of all some of my friends are in that stupid fucking line. *sigh*

  • Yeah, this was great, after all this screw around, (waiting for the new MW2 DLC) I found out that it was not compatible with my US version of the disc. After a little light googling, I found out how to get the US version of the US playstation store.

    That was an eye-opener! I think most Aussies would be outraged if they found out how superior the US store is in terms of content and layout! Do yourself a favour, create a US based account using a fake name and address and have a peek!

    • thing is tho that all of that content is there to buy for anyone who takes the time to make a US account, so I think its a little less outrage and more pleasant surprise. Would be outrage if they locked us out of that store or somehow made it impossible to purchase/download from it

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