EVE Online Pumps Out Another Amazing Trailer

EVE Online Pumps Out Another Amazing Trailer

CCP makes outer space look good, and the trend continues with the trailer for EVE Online: Tyrannis, an expansion pack due out this month for the sci-fi MMO that finally opens up New Eden’s planets to resource-hungry players.

For seven years now, EVE Online players have been mining asteroids, ignoring planets filled with delicious, profit-heavy minerals in favourite of shooting at rocks. In the Tyrannis expansion, due out May 18, EVE’s starship captains collectively come to the sudden realisation that hey – there are planets here! More that 60,000 of them in fact, waiting for players to build a strategic network of extractors and processors, link them to a command centre where items are manufactured; basically they’ll be playing a strategy mini-game within the EVE universe.

And somehow they worked all of that into a beautiful, compelling, science-fiction trailer that once again has me eyeing that free trial button.

Check out the EVE Online: Tyrannis page for more information on the upcoming expansion.


  • I was put onto EVE by a mate of mine. After starting the trial up and playing for the first time, I found it to be quite enjoyable. However, I don’t really see it as a game to be played all the time, it’s more suited to playing casually – eg. you get in, do some stuff (whether it be mining, blowing stuff up or cheating the market), then you set up some skills and walk away.

    I like that aspect of it, but I also like the fact that unlike other large MMO (WOW for instance), you have complete control over your character – their history, their actions, their friends and their enemies. Want to be a corporate giant? Go ahead, but you need to work for it just like anyone else. How about the lucrative mining business? Sure, you just need patience and perhaps some cunning on the market. Oh and a few allies might help you out a bit, so keep those deals and contracts in a safe place.

    It’s essentially a simulation of life in an alternate reality of today – it has an economy, corporations, and just general daily life. If your the sort of person who’s looking for instant gratification or escape from reality in a game, then your more suited to other game types like the FPS or RTS. EVE is a game that is played over time, that’s just the way it is. You either like it or you don’t. Personally, I do – and I mean come on: who can honestly say that the idea of galaxy wide domination doesn’t appeal to some small part of them… even if it is simulated?

  • I’ve tried to get into Eve Online a few times before, but everytime I end up uninstalling it because it;s so damn hard to get into.

    I mean the learning curve is so steep and I found it frustrating. I love the concept and all, and it is something I would getinto and stay but the learning curve is an obstacle for me.

    Oh well, I guess i dont have the brains nor patience for Eve.

  • Eve is almost exactly what I want, a massive free form scifi themed MMO. It slaps you in the middle of a Hubble deeprange photo and let’s you go on your merry way. The ships, the world, its beautiful. Unfortunately the gameplay just didn’t hold up for me. I was either pressing 1 to fire lasers at rocks and then wait. or pressing 1 to fire lasers at npcs… and then wait. The doing of things is dull and unengaging, just toggle on and toggle off. So its back to a fantasy game for me while I pine for the stars…

  • I started playing EVE about 5 years ago. Now I run 3 corporations that tie together 600 players across the galaxy. The learning curve is amazingly steep, the potential for losing everything you have built is harsh and the PVP is merciless. I am 40 and don’t want to spend time playing with a horde of screaming kids… the cruel and inhospitable climate of Eve weeds out the majority of whiney younger players and leaves a community of mature ruthless gamers. After gaming for near on 25 years… I can think of no other place that comes close to the depth provided by Eve.

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