Evony Promises To Make Its Ads Less Slutty

Evony, an online strategy game with saucy ads and, some would say, a shady past, knows you are not necessarily fans of its boob-riddled website advertisements, and is promising to mend its ways.

"Moving forward – based on community feedback as well as an in-depth look at advertising effectiveness – we are employing an ad campaign that focuses on the gameplay and features of Evony: Age II," a statement issued by the game's creators reads.

"While we cannot say with certainty that we will no longer feature less family friendly ads aimed at the appropriate audience, we will work hard to ensure the content is presented in a positive manner that is distinctly tied to the features and experience of the game we're advertising."

So... there might still be boobs. But they'll be in-game boobs. Or, at least, target renders of in-game boobs.

Evony Pledges To Clean Up Misleading Ads [Worlds In Motion]


    The game is a flagrant rip-off of Age of Empires

    They certainly started to get a little over the top... and the absolute worst thing was that they were absolutely everywhere.

    It made using the internet at work an absolute minefield of potential disaster every time one of the buggers came up on my screen... I remember seeing a visual time line of them online once and the changes just got ridiculous.

    Just a moment... give a couple of seconds to do some Google work... here we go... sorta went from J.R.R. Tolkien to Mills & Boon within the blink of an eye http://www.designlessbetter.com/blogless/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/evony.gif

      I lol'd at that mini timeline. Still misses most of the super slutty ads, though (such as the damp breasts one o.O).

      Evony is more of a blight on online advertising spaces that it is on the online games industry.

    What they'll actually be doing is using much less attractive women so you probably won't notice them anymore.

    Actually, I got from it that there'll still be boobs, but ones related to the game. Like, a naked woman with info of the game written on them?


    Who plays this game anyway? I swear, I've seen that girl pretty much everytime I wanted to read some manga online?

    In a rare display of agreement, I must concur that less boobs = greater satisfaction.

    But only for this situation.

    If you play World of Warcraft, do NOT play Evony.
    It's a keylogger, I learnt the hard way...Curiosity kills the cat

    Or perhaps they will make it a more equal opportunities kind of advertisement and include semi clad men too... but then I suppose animal lovers will be upset too... so maybe... actually, no I'd rather derail that train of thought right where it is before I give the Evony guys any ideas*.

    *However if any of you are reading this, feel free to take them, just remember I want my payment in unmarked bills in a plain brown bag taped to the back of toilet cistern in an Italian restaurant.

    Evony should promise to make LESS ads overall. They're everywhere and they're bloody annoying!

    Why? They should have kept the ads and made the game more slutty!!!

      At least then they'd be accurate.

    We don't have to worry though. Dawn of Nations is starting to pick up where Evony's left off.

    why the less slutty? i say they make the ads full on porn.
    that way maybe someone actually play the game ...

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