Experience Tron’s Legacy With Space Paranoids Online

Experience Tron’s Legacy With Space Paranoids Online

If Tron lead character Kevin Flynn were around today, surely he’d be proud of the fact that you can now play his arcade classic Space Paranoids directly in your browser window.

Ah, how times have changed since the first Tron movie came out. Back then you’d have to pay a quarter to play Space Paranoids, and even then it wouldn’t look quite as spectacular as the Flash version now available at www.spaceparanoidsonline.com. Manoeuvre your tank through the maze, gathering ammo to shoot down as many of those Recognizers as you can, before you die a painful death, crushed beneath their feet as your user mutters curses.

This version of Space Paranoids is the same that appeared at the mockup of Flynn’s Arcade during the San Diego Comic-Con last year. Developed by 42 Entertainment for Disney, it’s all part of the fun at Tron: Legacy viral fun over at Flynn Lives.

At Last – S.P. Online [Flynn Lives – Thanks James!]

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