Explore The Hall Of 3D Dot Game Heroes

One of the coolest features of Atlus' 3D Dot Game Heroes is the ability to create your own animated protagonist using the game's built-in character editor. Now there's a place where players can share their creations with the world.

3D Dot Game Heroes is now available for the PlayStation 3, and while players can experience the adventure using one of several pre-made characters, the real fun lies in making your own hero and sharing them with friends.


Via the 3D Dot Game Heroes Hall of Heroes, of course. Atlus has launched a web page where players can share their creations and download new ones, transferring them to the PlayStation 3 via USB stick.

Along with the admiration of your peers, submitting your hero to the hall enters you for a chance to win $US100 in Amazon game credit in the "Make-A-Hero" contest. Simply upload your creation, and make sure it isn't a walking penis. Walking penises are never eligible for anything.

The Hall Of Heroes [Atlus]


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