Fable III Box Art Proclaims ‘Only On Xbox 360 & Windows’

Fable III Box Art Proclaims ‘Only On Xbox 360 & Windows’

In more good news for the PC gaming set, Lionhead’s “touchy/” action RPG Fable III may be coming to a computer running Windows near you. That’s according to the game’s Xbox 360 box art, which… hey look, Fable III box art!

If Fable III’s box art is accurate, that may help back up previous reports that the Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game would be interoperable. Earlier this year, Microsoft Game Studios posted a job listing for a network programmer that would help develop “PC-specific features” and “work with the PC and 360 codebase to ensure the PC and the Xbox 360 builds can interoperate” on a “Fable 3 Project”.

After being shut out of Fable II, it’s nice to see that PC gamers may once again be able to visit the kingdom of Albion.


  • I was quite disappointed when Fable II wasn’t released on the PC. But I’ll consider buying this if they release it on the PC.

  • Eyuck… what did they do to the cover? Fable has always had amazing box art… *that* isn’t Gears 2 generic, but it’s getting there.

    Oh, and about it being on PC… yay! PC gamers will have a lot of fun pirating it, and then telling us how much better it is on PC… bad move as far as I’m concerned, but I’m not gonna let it take away from the experience. If I had to pick my top ten favourite game franchises, Fable would be *very* high up there… and I actually bought a copy of The Lost Chapters on PC, only to see if it really was better. It didn’t feel right, and IMO playing it on PC just kills the immersion. Please, don’t lynch me for having an opinion.

    • You forgot about the part where the PC gamers, right after telling us how much better it is on PC, whinge about how it would have been even better if it wasn’t being dragged down by a console version.

      Also, I’m going to join you in saying that I’ve always enjoyed playing Fable much more on consoles.

      • >implying we do…

        I really have a lot of trouble comprehending the hypocrisy of the “master race”. they make gaming about everything but actually *playing* games.

        • Oh come now, Justin. I can name dozens of forums and sites DEDICATED to pirating 360 games. Not to mention the hundreds of people I know that have modified their 360s to be able to play downloaded games.

          Stop trying to delude yourself that 360 owners don’t pirate, because they do.

        • 360 piracy rates are just as high as PC ones. Handhelds are even worse. I like how you openly accuse all PC gamers of piracy and then get all uppity about someone implying that 360 piracy is also an issue.

          I’ll be buying this on PC day one. My 360 is for games that can be played with friends over and third person shooters.

          • You guys have missed my point entirely, in fact, you’ve taken what I said and twisted it out of proportion… I’m not deluded at all, and I’m not saying *no one* pirates on 360. However, to say the numbers are just as high on 360 is a laughable stretch of the truth… I know for a fact no accurate/reliable numbers exist, but I can tell you with a lot of certainty that a fuck tonne more people pirate on PC than on 360… anyone with a PC can pretty happily download a game and play it. You need to mod your 360 to do so.

            Piracy isn’t affecting console game sales to anywhere near the extent it affects PC games… Crysis 2 for example, the number one reason that it’s no longer PC exclusive is because so many didn’t pay for Crysis 1. Crytek’s solution? Bring it to consoles…

          • crysis had a high piracy rate because sooo many people didnt think their pcs could play it so didnt pay for something they were unsure was even going to think

    • I don’t think it will be to big of a problem, they may try to make this “networking” important or very appealing for the game, like purchasing a single player/multiplayer game for the multiplayer or the ability to play it online.

  • What’s wrong with the art? I like it 😀

    Anyway, good news 🙂
    I don’t play RPG’s on my PC, but if it helps raise money for Fable IV I’m all four it 😛 (pun intended)

    • Hahahaha…
      You’re wrong.
      But I’ll say that games like Ocarina of Time and Mario Galaxy/64 would play much much better with a controller.

    • So uh.. Dragon Age Origins, Mass Effect 2, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur’s Gate, Planescape Torment, Diablo, Titan Quest, Fallout 1-3, The Witcher, Elder Scrolls, Vampire: Bloodlines, Deus Ex .. none of these work on PC eh? Consider my mind blown sir.

      To be fair, Fable is more of an action-RPG, but I found it felt just fine for me on PC with ye olde keyboard and mouse. I can see why people would rather use a gamepad for it, but there’s no reason you couldn’t use one on a PC though and keep the higher res graphics.

      • Yeah, Action RPG’s often feel strange with a mouse keyboard configuration, so maybe if you said they aren’t right for PC you could be right. However there are still a lot of awesome RPG’s on PC, many that are PC only. And as Stephen says you can always get a controller for your PC. Personally controls for me aren’t what swings the vote, it’s more a matter of multiplayer, split screen is easier than lanning, and the possibility of modding. A lot of games can get a lot more re-playability with a few mods.

        As a side note, what exactly does ‘interoperate’ mean in this context? Simply that they can release a single patch for both? Or are we expecting some kind of online features that will allow them to communicate rather than separate services.

  • …I’d say they’ll release Fable 2 on the PC in a snazzy box set with 3. and possibly a sexy trilogy set. That would be nice. Everyone can enjoy that.

  • I don’t see the issue with the box art, I think it’s attractive.

    Also, I may actually buy this iteration of Fable. Maybe it’s just the steampunk.

    • Steampunk? Wat?

      Okay… people are saying the box art looks a bit crap because it pretty much conforms to the main character + logo formula… like every single other game in existence. The first two Fable games, the character was looking at his future self in a reflection, which kind of represented the choices you could (supposedly) make… this is just… yeah. And that square jaw, and the pose… he looks like he came from Ye Olde Gears of War. He might as well be wearing sunglasses and a bandanna.

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