Fable III’s Kingly Collector’s Edition Is Xbox 360 Only

Fable III’s Kingly Collector’s Edition Is Xbox 360 Only

Microsoft confirms a holiday release for Fable III on both Xbox 360 and PC, but if you want a royal amount of Collector’s Edition swag, you’re going to need to go the console route.

Last week’s box art wasn’t kidding when it proclaimed that Fable III was coming to the Xbox 360 and PC. Today Microsoft confirms a $US49.99 PC release for the latest Lionhead role-playing game, and while PC gamers will enjoy a $US10 discount from the $US60 Xbox 360 price, they’ll be missing out on the contents of the console-exclusive limited Collector’s Edition of the game.

Retailing for $US79.99, the Collector’s Edition of Fable III comes packed with all sorts of goodies to help you immerse yourself in your role as the king or queen of Albion.

Inside a box styled after a book from Fable III you’ll find a pack of playing cards featuring characters from the game, and a “Guild Seal” coin with a good and evil side, perfect for those who prefer to leave important decisions up to fate.

Purchasing the Collector’s Edition also gives players access to several pieces of downloadable content. There’s an exclusive region to explore; a new quest that takes players deep into the forest to recover the fabled sword Wolfsbane; access to the Boxer dog breed; and an exclusive outfit from the lands of Aurora.

The downloadable content will also be available to Windows users.

So which version of Fable III are you planning on picking up? I’m a sucker for fancy collector’s editions myself, though ever since I hooked a wired Xbox 360 controller to my PC I’ve found myself sitting in front of the computer to game more often than not. Decisions, decisions.


  • Hopefully it won’t end up like the Fable 2 Collector’s Edition and be slowly whittled down to just a collector’s edition sleeve, a bonus disc and some DLC.

  • Hmm… I like DLC… but I haven’t actually finished Fable 2 yet (Dragon Age came along and took me away) so maybe I should finish that first…

  • I gave up on my 360 – its died too many times on me. Sadly, I can’t keep my save from Fable 2 for Fable 3, but I know I wont be going back to 360. Ill miss out on Alan Wake and Gears, but Im not too sad about that. I have Uncharted and Infamous now. 🙂

  • It’s unfortunate that they announced this so closely after Fallout: New Vegas’s collectors edition was revealed, because it’s almost identical.

  • Where’s my Hobbe figurine Lionhead? I’m still waiting for it, and especially with that god-damm cock-tease you included with the Fable 2 CE, which asked for people to send you pictures of their Hobbe figurine out and about…

  • I might get it, depending on the aussie price. Though knowing micro$oft, they’ll probably charge us $100+ for the collectors edition.

  • my 360 has one foot out the door, and my PC is more powerful than a tiny god, so PC for me all the way

    Although that deck of cards does looks stunning.

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