Fallout: New Vegas Adds Hardcore Challenges, Weapon Mods, More

Fallout: New Vegas Adds Hardcore Challenges, Weapon Mods, More

If you’ve already spent hundreds of hours combing the wastelands of Washington D.C., Pittsburgh and Anchorage, Alaska in Fallout 3, what might convince you to revisit the post nuclear version of Sin City in Fallout: New Vegas?

Developer Obsidian Entertainment is taking over for Bethesda Softworks for the follow-up to Fallout 3, set three years after the events of that game and thousands of miles westward, featuring an all-new cast of characters. What does Fallout: New Vegas have to offer the Vault dwelling veteran?

Specifically, for the serious Fallout fan, New Vegas introduces a Hardcore option from the get-go, allowing them to bypass early tutorials and live a more difficult post-nuclear life. Players opting to go hardcore will have to stave off hunger and dehydration, and will be required to visit doctors for more serious injuries. Hardcore also more harshly limits the amount of ammo one can carry, applying weight to bullets. Stimpacks won’t heal instantly, but will heal over time.

Players can choose whether they want to go Hardcore during the game’s opening, which doesn’t begin in a Vault, but at the offices of New Vegas’ Doc Mitchell. He’ll patch you right up after that whole “bullet in the head” situation that starts off the next Fallout. Yes, finding out who was trying to blow your brains clean out and why they left you for dead will play some part in the story of Fallout: New Vegas.

Obsidian’s new take on Fallout introduces a few other changes, starting with the Companion Wheel. The pop-up radial menu lets players control their allies in battle, issuing simple command behaviours to AI-controlled compatriots.

The VATS combat system has also been tweaked, allowing for melee attack commands. Just don’t expect a massive difference in the way the successful targeting system worked in Fallout 3. But do expect a greater variety of weapons, thanks to new weapon mods that let players customise their firearms with larger clips, scopes and specialised ammo. More outlandish weapons like the grenade machine gun and golf club will also add a little variety to your post-nuclear excursions.

We’ll have extended impressions of Fallout: New Vegas early next week, so keep an eye peeled for further details. If you have any specific questions you want answered, let us know.


  • So if its three years after 3, and west, is there a chance you’re the Vault dweller from part 3 still, or a brand new character all together? I mighta missed something in the reading, of course, but just curious… like most of us.

    • I’m not entirely clear, is this a new game altogether (aka Standalone) or an expansion to Fallout 3? (i.e. I’d have to reinstall F3 to play it)?

    • Unless the vault dweller has become a cross-country courier (which is still, I guess, a possibility), you’re an entirely new character in this one.

      Anyway, this article actually makes me want to get the game, a feeling I didn’t think I’d have. This looks awesome!

    • hey I’m a consoletard and I think the radial is a dumb idea, the pip-boy was so easy to navigate. It seems the radial is just a companion command menu, even then it wasn’t hard to command before.

      • To be honest the pip-boy was easy to navigate because it was still built with consoles in mind. It had the same menus embedded in menus system that oblivion had, it was just better implemented. I didn’t mind it in Fallout 3, but I don’t think I would want anything much worse than that. Will wait and see how this new menu system actually works before passing any judgement.

        As for the game itself, I’m excited for some more fallout but I think the weapon upgrades are a little too simple. I was hoping for a lot more complexity, there are mods for fallout 3 that add more weapon customisation than they are offering.

        Also it would be nice to have some kind of bonus for playing the game on the hardcore difficulty. I probably will just to make the game more interesting, but it’d be nice if I was getting something out of punishing myself.

    • That radial menu an improved ally interface. only used to control your friends better. (IE. dogmeat.)
      the pipboy does return in all it’s glory. the doctor mentioned in the article gives it to you at the start.

      DISCLAIMER this is all second or third hand info so if it’s incorrect I’ll just stand corrected.

    • wow I don’t know what to say to that. Might want to do a bit of research before ‘pigeon-holing’ a bunch of people that have no interest in radial menus.

  • It is a shame that it looks like it uses the same engine, why wont they upgrade it!!! Fallout 3 was nice looking, but that was years ago! Come on, upgrade the Oblivion engine!!!

  • I’m curious if there will be trophies/achievements that are only available to hardcore players (much like there are trophies for when you finish a game in Hard in other games). If there is I might be tempted to start off in hardcore, otherwise I’ll leave it till a second play through.
    But the real clincher is whether it will freeze so often on ps3? I can’t finish the Fallout 3 dlc because it just freezes after a put the transmitter on the ferris wheel, then the natives attack and it freezes every time 🙁

  • To be perfectly honest, everything I have currently seen of Fallout: New Vegas has been done in Fallout 3 by the modding community.

    Right now, I wouldn’t even consider buying this game.
    But for those who play on the console, I’d say go for it.

  • Hardcore mode alone is reason enough for me to get this.

    I don’t see the point of a post-apocalyptic game if it completely glosses over finding food and water to survive. Scrounging for supplies is a major part of the genre.

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