Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition Cashes In Its Chips

Bethesda gambles on an extravagant Collector's Edition for Obsidian's Fallout: New Vegas, packed with poker chips, playing cards and other exciting accoutrements from the post apocalyptic Sin City.

It's no lunch box and bobblehead, but it'll do in a pinch. The Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition comes packed with Vegas-themed goodies, from a set of "Lucky 7" poker chips representing the casinos of the New Vegas strip, to a custom set of playing cards, perfect for playing Caravan, a card game Obsidian invented specially for New Vegas.

You might want to keep the replica of the "Lucky 38" platinum chip away from prying eyes, but the hardcover graphic novel All Roads written by the game's creative director Avellone and created in conjuction with Dark Horse should be fine for sharing.

All this plus a making-of DVD, packed inside a box that looks as if it's newly recovered from beneath the desert sands.

"We're offering this very cool collector's edition to give fans the opportunity to own some of the items that they'll discover while playing Fallout: New Vegas," said Pete Hines, vice president of PR and marketing. "We are also expanding their experience with the game by including a top-notch graphic novel worthy of the Fallout name and a DVD that gives them a behind-the-scenes look at how the game was created."

The Fallout: New Vegas Collector's Edition will be available worldwide for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC. Retailers should begin accepting preorders shortly. Are you all in?


    now THAT'S a collectors edition!

      If you're into cards and chips...which I SO am.
      Can't wait.

    god damn it. yes.

    Shit yeah baby! I am so in.

    It looks like it comes in an old shoebox, awesome.

    Pray to God this gets an Australian release.

      You can pre-order thru EB website right now. JB Pitt St told me that they probably won't take pre-orders for it until next week.

    So not an EB exclusive?

    That looks pretty cool, I might get it.

    I'm not much a gambler, but I do like the stuff. Not a CE buy from me, but I can see this selling out quickly; it is awesome if you like that stuff!

    This looks great.

    as much as i want it.. you get burned buying bethesda games at lauch,so either pay 120 for the collectors+80 for all the inevitable paid dlc... or wait a year for GOTY on steam and get it for 50 bucks, 150 dollar saving... honestly if they had a version for 150 that came with a key for all future dlc i would probably get it

    Sounds impressive, though am I the only who really just wants the making of DVD? I mean a really cool figure I might go in for, the Halo one looks pretty good, and some of the Fable ones that didn't make the cut, but the making of DVD is the most interesting thing for me.

    I want to see the development process these guys went through, what they were thinking when they made it. What got left on the cutting room floor. The DVD extras for some of the Halo games had some great info on this. I wish I could just get the game and the extra DVD.

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