FarmVille, Coming To A Convenience Store Near You

FarmVille, Coming To A Convenience Store Near You

FarmVille looks to overrun your corner convenience store mid-year, thanks to a cross promotion that’ll have 7-Elevens in the US hawking exclusive items for the casual game, plus others from the Zynga family.

Whaddaya get? From the looks of it, a water tower, a cow, a sandwich cart, a tree, a swimming pool and other items all come with certain purchases of 7-Eleven items once the promotion begins. They’re also schlepping stuff for Yoville, Mafia Wars and other Zynga properties. There’s a “playbook” outlining how all this stuff will be placed and sold; someone really fond of exclamation points posted it at FarmVille

7-Eleven is not McDonald’s of course; it has a stronger presence in some states, next to none in others. That probably means a grey market for these kinds of items, or at least people nagging friends to go down and get some taquitos so they can pick up a special 7-Eleven branded thresher so you can go have a really adorable farming accident.

Obviously, since this post will be followed by 1000 comments about how much everyone fucking hates FarmVille, no one here should really be interested in these premiums. But it does show this sucker is not going away any time soon. It’s the first retail promotion partnership for Zynga, and it can only portend more down the line. How soon until we get that FarmVille screenplay?

Farmville and 7-Eleven Team Up for Summer Promotion [MTV Multiplayer]


  • I don’t play it but I don’t hate it. It only took 1 button to make all the requests go away so I don’t see how it’s a big deal. I wonder if they will be giving these away at 711’s in Aus, I notice a lot of the younger generation can’t shutup about this game.

  • It amazes me how much people are willing to pay for this stuff, they did the same thing with mobsters on MySpace. You get these “favour points” for about 50 cents each, then you spend like 200 at a time for some crappy item.

    It would literally be more fulfilling to pay someone to repeatedly kick me in the throat every time I want to play this.

  • LOL Shame on me for knowing this though this is NOT Zynga’s first cross-promotion with a retail product over Facebook. ‘Public Enemies’ that ‘Johnny Deep’ movie promoted its Blu-ray through facebook a while ago. Pretty much same idea, offering up exclusive items to match the theme and even special oober items if you give them money

  • …i still have avoided farmville like the plague… honestly it just looks pathetic to me.. it’s like the game you play when you’re not playing a game…

    and the fact that people spend money on it??…riight…

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