Farmville Gets Official... Ice Cream & Slurpees

Social gaming phenomenon/scourge Farmville is about to invade your personal space every time you walk into a US 7-Eleven store, with publishers Zynga plastering 7000 stores with Farmville junk.

Just like every trip into Facebook is interrupted by pointless crop growth updates, soon innocent pit-stops for chewing gum and Coke will be interrupted by a promotion for the game, where players can buy branded items from the store and receive in-game items in return.

You can see two of those items here: a Farmville Slurpee and a tub of Farmville ice cream, with the terrifying slogan "SCOOP, EARN, PLAY" sounding a little too much like "ARBEIT MACHT FREI" for comfort.

The promo kicks off on June 1, and runs for six weeks.

Zynga cuts a big deal with 7-Eleven to promote its Facebook games in stores [VentureBeat]


    The most obvious question is

    'But WHY?'

      They're hemorrhaging players faster than those players do money now. :P

      Creepy ass practice, hands down. I do have to say, though, that Auschwitz joke was a little... off.

      it attracts girls

        And, more importantly for Zynga and 7-Eleven, money.

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