Farmville Maker Is Haemorrhaging Players

Caught in an apparent pissing match with Facebook, Farmville creators Zynga seems to be losing. Two weeks ago Zynga lost 3.1 million monthly active users. Last week they lost 4.2 million of them.

SecondShares reports that everyone of Zynga's major games but Treasure Isle lost users last week.

The losses hit after Facebook revamped the way people receive Gift Requests and eliminated notifications. This essentially removed the ability for Zynga to advertise their games through faux in-game news alerts about how big your farm had grown or how powerful your Mafia family was.

And to make matters worse for Zynga, companies like Electronic Arts, 2K and Capcom are all starting to launch their own, better known brands in the realm of Facebook gaming.

Can Zynga survive or is it preparing to face its own Dust Bowl?

User Loss Accelerates For Zynga


    Bahaha, sucked in. Pincus deserves it, it's karma. The toolbar noone could get rid of so you could "get revenues right f*ing now" that you so laughed about isn't so funny now, is it Pincus?

    I actually like games on social networking sites, 2 years ago when games first appeared on MySpace I had a mobsters account. It was really fun for a while, then it just became a transparent money spinning device where every little thing would suddenly cost you real money. It became less about the game and more about the profit. Luckily people started leaving MySpace by the bucketload at the time and now I’m pretty sure mobsters isn’t making a dime on MySpace.

    They haemorrhaged money from the players, then they haemorrhage the players. Seems fair. :P

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