Fight FarmVille Facebook Spam With FarmVillain

Fight FarmVille Facebook Spam With FarmVillain

Are you tired of constant FarmVille updates on your Facebook feed? Strike back against the mystery eggs and wandering stallions with zombie Jesus and surface-to-stork missiles in FarmVillain.

FarmVillain is a Facebook app created solely for the generation of truly horrible FarmVille-style notifications on your and your friends’ Facebook feeds. There’s no game to play, no farm to build and no crops to grow. All you do is select from dozens of tasteless messages to use as your own status updates, or post them directly to your friends.

As you can probably gather, it’s all rather tasteless. You’ll find vomiting sheep, horse rapists, a pair of “rugged outdoorsmen”, and, of course, zombie Jesus. FarmVillain and Legends of Zork creators Jolt Online Gaming brow is so low it’s leaving little brow trails on the ground behind them everywhere they go, but you’ll find the odd gem. I’m particularly fond of the “You found a witch on your farm” message, and the dead hooker is a classic.

Just be warned: This is only humorous until everyone starts doing it, so you might want to head over to FarmVillain on Facebook now and get it out of your system.

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