Fight For The Enemy In Dragon Age: Darkspawn Chronicles

What if your character hadn't survived the Joining at the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins? That's the question explored in the Darkspawn Chronicles, a standalone adventure in which you lead the Darkspawn to victory.

Clearing up the confusion over yesterday's Xbox Live news update, BioWare has put up a web page dedicated to Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles, a $US5 dose of standalone alternate history. In it your character dies at the beginning of the game, the Grey Wardens march under your companion Alistair's command, and you control the forces of the Darkspawn, commanding genlocks, hurlocks, shrieks and ogres against the forces of good.

Quite an interesting twist to put on the story, isn't it? More games should give you a chance to walk a mile in the enemy's shoes, should they wear them.

Dragon Age: Origins Darkspawn Chronicles is due out this month for the PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360, with the 360 version already dated for May 18, according to Microsoft.

Dragon Age: Origins Addon Page [Official Site]


    I've been extremely pleased with Bioware's effort with DLC so far. This one looks to be a lot of fun and I know I'll be picking it up.

    So what? Will it be a whole games length? Seems too cheap to be so. Still sounds interesting...

    I still haven't beat Dragon Age: Origins. I'll have to get on that.

      Without spoilers, Dire Wolf, it's worth it!

      I've created 1 char for each "Origin" and finished the origin story. I'm waiting for next pay for my expansion upgrade :D

    Seems like a pretty cool idea, have to see how it actually plays out though. Loving the price, especially compared to some of the other ones. Hope its a bit longer then the other DLC, though considering how cheap it is, i can't imagine it will be anything beyond an hour, with the 'epic darkspawn item' expected to make up for it.

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