Final Fantasy IX Coming Soon To North American PSN

With a May 20 release date already revealed for Japan, Square Enix confirms a North American release for Final Fantasy IX, the second-highest rated game in the Final Fantasy franchise, on the PlayStation Network.

I've made no secret that Final Fantasy IX is my favourite game in the series, and aside from Final Fantasy III (Japan's VI), GameRankings agrees with me. After two futuristic Final Fantasy games, the return to a traditional fantasy setting was very well received by fans and critics alike.

Plus, the game has Vivi in it. There is no greater selling point.

Yesterday Square Enix Tweeted a video confirming a Japanese release date of May 20 (thanks pigz0011!).

Today, Square Enix VP of marketing Ami Blaire revealed a North American release for the game via the PlayStation Blog.

Considered by many gamers to be a must-play title for any RPG fan, FFIX will soon to be available for North American fans via the PlayStation Network. If you missed Final Fantasy IX during the early PlayStation era, or are dreaming of reliving the time-tested FFIX adventure, your chance is coming soon.

Soon is not nearly soon enough. I demand Vivi goodness now!

Final Fantasy IX Coming Soon to PlayStation Store [PlayStation Blog]


    hehe i still have it on my PS1

    Such a fantastic game.

    I'm sure many American fans of the series are just about loosing their shit right now.

    Anything about an Australian PSN release? Well, they did it for FF8 so why not for FF9.

      I'm sure we will get a release, but just like US didn't get their confirmation until japan release date was announced, i wouldn't expect any news for us until at least the US release is announced.

        Personally, I would like to get FF:Tactics in the store as well. It was released in September in the US store last year, so I wish they would get off their asses and and release here.

    now all i need is a psp or ps3 this is my all time favorite game i still have all the discs but i don't have my psx or ps2 anymore so i play on an emulator.

    More than 8? Really?

    I still have it on PSX, looks horrible on the LCD!

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