Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Xbox 360? Square’s ‘Looking Into It’

Final Fantasy Versus XIII On Xbox 360? Square’s ‘Looking Into It’

Will Square Enix’s long-in-the-making Final Fantasy Versus XIII follow the lead of its predecessor and make the leap from the PS3 to the Xbox 360? Probably… err Square Enix is “looking into it,” according to the company’s president.

Yoichi Wada told attendees at an investors meeting today in Tokyo that, despite claims that the more action oriented Final Fantasy Versus XIII would be “PS3 only worldwide“, the publisher may consider a multi-platform release. But there’s some “looking into it” to be done, so don’t expect an announcement of that sort until closer to the game’s next major unveiling.

Hey, it only makes sense, considering the hundreds of thousands of copies of Final Fantasy XIII that Square Enix sold on the Xbox 360. It’s just business, nothing personal.

スクエニ、2010年3月期決算を発表。過去最高益を更新 [GameWatch via Andriasang]


  • I’m not sure how this is news anymore. FFXIII sold quite well on the 360. Too well for squeenix or any company for that matter to ignore. My only concern is how the 360 disc limitation may effect gameplay style and content for the title.

      • I’m more worried about it being sh*t like FFXIII is, regardless of what resolution you play it in. Most disappointing game of the year so far by a long stretch.

        And I suspect that now the word’s out on FFXIII it may impact on sales of VS, since I suspect a lot of people will have been put off it after getting burned by FFXIII.

  • I knew it, I’ve been waiting for this announcement.
    Next Konami can announce MGS4 Substantive, and I’ll be a happy chappy!!!

    I’m hoping Nomura can pull this off after the dissapointment of FF13!

  • Ah yes, Epic games were “considering” Gears for multiplatform and Bioware were “considering” ME2 too.

    Which consoles were they for again?

  • i dont give a rats after FFXIIIs poor showing but i would like if it didnt get delayed by another 2 years to allow for it to be released

  • The PS3 did rape the 360 when it came down to sales for FF XIII – but like MrBS said, if they ignored a 360 release, they would be very stupid. I think shareholders would be very pissed aswell, its not like any of them care about the whole “But is a PS franchise darn it!”

    The PS3 will most likely sell more once again. But to me, FF XIII considering the hype, the years of development and how big the game is – failed in terms of sales.

    I haven’t played the game, but judging that it has sold 5.5 million worldwide so far, thats majority of its sales. And definitely majority in Japan considering something like 80% of sales are snatched up on first week or something I once read.

    I just expected close to double of what its sold – i was imagining almost 10 million. It is still early days, but I don’t even see it selling another 3 million, not for a looooooong while anyway.
    For a franchise like it is, or perhaps was, maybe expectations were a bit too high. Maybe they really need to start something much more NEW or go back to something OLD.

    All i can say is, they would be VERY stupid to not include a 360 release of Versus XIII – coming from a 360 gamer and a gamer in general that doesn’t play Final Fantasy.
    Heck i expect the MMO to even come to the 360 – MMOs would sell less on consoles which is why they have a PC port aswell. But more people play online on the 360 than PS3.

    • I thought squeenix just reported its best year ever because of XIII and Batman: AA? Maybe you’re right though, maybe they expected it to be even better.

      Still I doubt any company is considering 5.5m sales a failure even in these crazy HD days.

      The vast majority of games are going to sell mostly in their first week as well, unless its a nintendo title it seems these days.

      Certainly agree they should have a 360 version though, unless Sony make it worth their while with some kind of exclusivity deal.

  • I wouldn’t bother since it’ll be compressed like XIII, plus the number of discs due to the size and also the ps3 sold way more than 360. If they did release it on 360, it would pretty much be false advertising since they did say ps3 only.

  • I’d appreciate it if it came out on xbox 360. It means another game that I won’t get to miss out on. While it’d be nice if they made it HD like the PS3 version, not everyone has a TV that will make that difference noticeable at all, and it makes sense as a business decision.

    They’re clearly not going to change its development to accommodate the 360 like they did for XIII, so instead if there were any cut backs only the 360 owners would get it. PS3 owners are happy, and 360 owners that don’t care about the cut backs can be happy.

    And anyway, sure a lot of people were disappointed by the game, but a hell of a lot of people enjoyed it too. I haven’t finished it yet, but I’ve loved what I’ve played so far. I was a little sad that I couldn’t play Versus as I don’t have a PS3, but if it goes multiplatform, then I’m happy.

    I honestly don’t understand why people are so averse to it, since there seem to only be gains for the company, and the game isn’t at risk.

  • Sigh. When can you trust a company’s word?
    If it is multi, and they have to make it so linear, it’s like you’re being handheld to the end, then really just count me out.

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