Final Fantasy XIII, Batman Selling Millions (Millions!)

Final Fantasy XIII, Batman Selling Millions (Millions!)

Square Enix just reported its best year ever, on the back of super-strong sales of a handful of key titles. Like Final Fantasy XIII. And Batman: Arkham Asylum. And Dragon Quest IX. All of which sold millions.

Final Fantasy XIII, despite some up-and-down review scores, has sold 5.5 million copies worldwide since launch, with the numbers spread fairly evenly across Japan, Europe and the United States.

Dragon Quest IX is right behind it, with sales of 4.2 million. Of that 4.2 million, 4.2 million were from Japan.

Rounding out the company’s big hitters for the financial year was unlikely hero Batman: Arkham Asylum, which from out of nowhere sold 3.4 million copies, the bulk of them in the US and Europe.

That’s mostly good news. Mostly. The only dampener for Square Enix being that Batman is no longer theirs to enjoy (and make millions from), with Warner Bros taking over full publishing responsibility for the game’s sequel.


  • I think the most interesting thing here is how ‘poorly’ (relatively speaking) FFXIII did in Japan compared to DQIX. What’s the matter Japan, did it stray too far from your beloved generic random encounter grindfest JRPG style for comfort…?

  • What “I” find the most interesting thing here is how DQIX is easily the most successful runaway hit for SquareEnix this year but the headline doesn’t mention it. Way to twist public perception, I am used to better from Kotaku.

    • Probably because very few people who read Kotaku have ever played it, what with it never having been released outside of the moon.

  • I am so happy that Batman:Arkham Asylum was a huge success as many triple A titles can often go under apriciated by the market.

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