Finally, The Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update Is... Coming Soon

Here it is, kids. The last of the major Team Fortress 2 character updates. The last-in-line Engineer is due for his big makeover and Valve has officially upgraded our anticipation to Tier 3 with a new teaser.

In an update to its celebration of 119 Team Fortress 2 updates, Valve has engineered this brief clip that could very well be oozing with hidden details. I suggest watching it frame by frame to see if you can spot clues. For instance, what's that Iron Man-esque helmet thing? What's the deal with that robotic arm blueprint in the background? What *is* our friend the Engineer working on?

Surely we'll know soon, but we'll factor in Valve Time, just in case.

Coming Soon [Team Fortress - thanks, Jon!]


    bout time :D love playing the engie :D


      Spy check guys! if you want tele's and dispensors, spy check!

    It's a robot engineer that repairs your stuff. I called it :p

      Sounds about right. They DID say they're trying to stop engineers from basically having to plant themselves in one spot all game.

      Also; hurry up, Valve!


    But seriously, Valve have been blowing us away since beta. I can only weep manly tears of joy in thought of the final updates and Meet Thes, as well as whatever their next project AFTER TF2 could be.

      It seems a bit weird to get excited over 2 minute shorts relating to a game which has long since been released, but the Meet The Class videos are so lovingly crafted and have only been getting better and better.

    That welder also seemed like a new model, though pure speculation I wouldn't be surprised if that was included in the update aswell.

    the welder
    increases building rate but has a cooldown? sounds possible Cerberus

    Finally at least a word about it. But, no actual update, other than a video that tells us to expect an update. Disappointing.

    So about 0:10 there's the Arm Blueprints, and you'll note he's using a hammer, not a wrench.
    The vid starts with Level 3 Sentry fore, and Dispenser in the background, then moves on to a level 1 Sentry near the file cabinets/boxes.
    Near the Arm blueprint, there's his Toolbox. There's something on the left of the right arm's blueprint - probably a left arm. Near the toolbox there's some oval shape with a red dot in the center. Reminds me of the robots in Portal, tho much smaller and compact-form.
    Then a chuckle, then he hits it with a hammer.

    Meanwhile, Natural Selection 2 is being loaded onto Steam!

    The update will include a laser guided wrench, for accurate killing of spies

    My guess is you lose the sentries and maybe dispenser for something else. I get that impression from the sentries kind of being left behind in a garage or something...

    Maybe you get a welder or a hammer to build a robot or tank.. or perhaps armor of some sort. I can't make out what is in the background in front of the blueprints though - looks like a door or something like that with a number on it..

    It's set out a lot like the early whiplash scene in the Iron man film.

    more engie caps!!!

    I smell new melee weapon, too.


    Oh, and the 'dispenser' looking thing behind the Lvl 3 sentry is actually the Repair Node. Yes. It repairs anything within its range. I do believe they mentioned something about the RN in the TF2 Blog.

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