Find Tranquillity With Video Game Haiku

Find Tranquillity With Video Game Haiku

Games can be so LOUD, and also often so poorly-written, that the opportunity for moments of quiet reflection often pass us by. Time then for some gaming haiku.

Haiku, the restrictive, formal Japanese art of poetry, is often able to reduce even the most complex subject matter down to its core elements. So it is with video games, writers Oliver Campbell and Danika Potts doing a damn fine job with the following:



Timeless hero of the brush

Save the day, paint wolf!

Heavy Rain

Photographer chick

should have dipped out days ago

maybe new girlfriend?

Final Fantasy XIII

For Cocoon, or pulse

apocalypse approaches

Um, I don’t get it

God Hand

Use your roulette wheel

Spank those women extra hard

that boss has no junk

Dead Rising

Trust your life to Frank

for he’s covered wars, you know

beware the raincoats


Go, good luck mutant

enemies aim perfectly

and can see through walls


Lan-di, he must die

meanwhile, ramen shops

pachinko beckons

Resident Evil 5

A virus erupts

zombies are pretty bad eh?

for some, black is worse

That’s just a sample, there are plenty more over at EOGamer (link below).

Video Game Haiku [EOGamer, thanks Jim!]


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