First Footage Of Enslaved, From The Makers Of Heavenly Sword

Developer Ninja Theory will work its multiplatform ninjitsu with Enslaved, a lovely looking post apocalyptic buddy game bound for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. See Enslaved's Monkey and Trip in action for the first time, thanks to GameTrailers TV.


    Basically looks like the last Prince of Persia to me. Same sort of colorful backdrop too (i mean once you've cleansed a section in PoP). Same macho man, woman on a mission riding on macho man's back.

    Combat looks much better though. Although i would like to know why they are fighting DOG from HL2. lol

    All jokes aside it does posses a glimmer of hope in it and i look forward to seeing more of it. I do love a game with good free flowing parkour environments and equally flowing combat.

    Agreed. Did these guys never play PoP? Or play nothing BUT PoP?

    This is horrible.

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