First Shots Of Cataclysm's Female Worgen

When World of Warcraft expansion Cataclysm launches, it'll bring not only new environments, but new characters as well. Like this female Worgen!

Previously, we'd only seen male Worgens, but as you can see, there are ladies as well. How can you tell it's a lady Worgen?

Why, because she's in a dress, of course.

Cataclysm is the third expansion for massively multiplayer online title World of Warcraft, and is due out sometime later this year.

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    Aww, she thinks she's people.

    That is bloody terrible. Once again Blizzard proves it sucks ball at making nice models for both genders unless it is a species of elf.

      They look alright, though from the poses it looks like they're currently using the Tauren females animations

    of all the races to add to an expansion...

    Not that great... but keep in mind that they have no hair yet, they'll likely look a lot better when they're not bald.

    And the furries go wild!

    Agreed, that looks freaking lame. Looks like someone was told to make it in a rush two days before it was meant to go out.

    I mean its a canine for one, why does it have breasts? I know they are shapeshifters but why does its DOG version have human breasts?

    Also: whys it looks so lame? WHY?

      Well, it has breasts because it is what's called 'anthropomorphic'. This means that the animals have HUMAN TRAITS. Not hard to understand.

    Hmm... Pretty lame. Looks kind of more like a cat than anything else. Hardly enough reason to join the Alliance...

    It's not always a dress! It could be a robe, you know.

    If it doesn't already exist some pathetic individual will rule 34 this within the hour.

    They were human before the curse, not much of a stretch that the female ones may have breasts still. It's a fantasy setting, they can do what they want... get over it.

    They look like cats.

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