First Team Fortress Collectables Up For Sale, Brace For Sticker Shock

The first offering in Valve's new line of collectibles, Team Fortress 2's the Heavy, is now up for pre-order. These lovely limited edition statues can soon be yours, provided you've got the scratch to afford it.

Gaming Heads is now taking orders for four separate versions of the Heavy. The RED Heavy and BLU Heavy will set you back $US229.99 and are limited to 750 units. The exclusive versions of the RED Heavy and BLU Heavy, both of which come with an alternate, more pensive head and an alternate gun - giving collector's both Sascha and Natascha - will cost a cool $US244.99. The exclusive statues are limited to 300 each.

Cheap? No way. But for 13 inches of hand-painted high quality poly-stone sculpture, not outrageous. It's currently beyond my means - and spending justification - but for the collector of fine video game statuettes, it may be the Heavy you've been waiting for. Who's buyin'?

The Heavy [Gaming Heads]


    Come on, pay day! I'll buy one, but I don't think I'll buy the limited-limited edition. Assuming they're in stock by Friday.

    I spent $200 on a Halo 3 figure last week, so what's $250 on a game I love?

    $55USD shipping to aus. So we're looking at $335AUD after exchange and international transaction charges (assuming you pay with a regular credit card).

    Thats around $3000AUD for all 9.

    I totally can't justify that price... but I bought one anyway.

    $15USD price difference between regular and exclusive... Dunno why you'd bother with the standard one.

      IMO, the non-exclusive ones look better than the exclusives. Maniacal laughing heavy > serious heavy.

      +It looks like the exclusive version is wielding Natasha, whereas the non-exclusive one has the classic minigun, which looks much cooler (and is better in game 90% of the time!)

    Holy shit, this is one expensive toy :(

    Don't get me wrong, it looks fantastic, but it makes me really sad that these will probably be the only TF2 figures made, and i'll never be able to justify buying them.

    Why can't they also make some $50-$100 action figures? *sigh*

    If i buy a figure, i'll probably wait until they release a Gordon freeman

      Same here, though G-Man instead.

      Which is a shame, I would have gotten one of these, but not for that price :c

    As a wargamer as well as collector and videogame fanatic, the prices are very reasonable for what
    looks like an excellent sculpt. I won't tell you how much money can be thrown into things like this, not to mention ongoing hobbies, but so long as the painting is good, which I expect it to be, I do think this is a great item for those with the cash set aside and a love of tf2.

    That, or anyone with youth allowance and the slightest desire to own one of these.

    I'll just have to make do with my plush companion cube

    i would have bought one if it was less than $100. i think ill wait for demoman, scout or solly.

    I could eat for nearly a month on $300!

    *bites keyboard in half*

    Thanks for shattering my dreams, as a dedicated BLU Soldier since beta without full-time work, I am cry ;_;

    I do agree, I love the non-exclusive one (the face captures the essence of the character), but really, Valve?

    It's obvious their price has been driven up by supply/demand, at least by some extent, so here's what you do: release a machine-made, cheap, restocking series of figures, and you'd make a lot more money.

    Nobody bar millionaire's can justify buying these for these costs, and and I just can't understand the gusto of Valve calling two of the four 'non-exclusive' when there will only be 750 units each.

    I love the figures, I love the game, but it's just not right.

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