First XCOM Screens: Mad Men Vs Gray Men

First XCOM Screens: Mad Men Vs Gray Men

Though we’ve seen OXM’s coverage of the upcoming XCOM reboot, PC Gamer also have a piece on the game, and it’s now online. There’s not much new in the way of info, but there’s now some screenshots for you to… enjoy?

As you can see, this isn’t a ’50s-inspired America, it is ’50s America. And while we’ve already caught the gist of the details from OXM’s article, the following quote is new, serving perhaps as the crux of both the developer’s intentions and long-time X-Com fan’s fears.

“We’re really good at making shooters” says design director Jonathan Pelling. “We’ve got a lot of experience doing that, and I think that provides a unique opportunity to present XCOM in a much more immersive and intimate format. Putting it into the first-person shooter is going to blow it up a little bit.”

You can see a couple of the screens here, with plenty more at the link below.

First Look At XCOM [PC Gamer]


  • i actually dont mind the look of it. First screen looks interesting enough.

    Invasion of the body snatchers ooooo lol

  • Well, the 50’s theme is ok,it really makes you feel like an underdog, but I’m still not convinced about the first person perspective.
    I hate it how developers think it’s more immersive and intimate….same crap they claimed with Fallout 3.

  • It looks like they’re trying as hard as they can to make this game as much NOT X-Com as possible while still expecting us to believe that is IS X-Com.

    I still feel insulted that they expect us to swallow this.

  • The perspective of the game has very little to do with how immersive a game ise. That comes from gameplay and character developement.

    As a huge fan of the original X-com series I’m very disappointed that they are going with the FPS angle. I’ll wait to see what they do with it before I decide whether I’ll buy it or not.

    But to me it seems very much like dumbing down the game for a console audience.

  • So it’s not so much an X-Com game as it is a FPS set in the 50’s against aliens which they will call X-Com. If they gave us the RTS mode, and than a FPS squad based mission section with an option of not having to do the RTS bit it would satisfy old school fans and bring new ones in.

  • This is a big waste of potential. The simplicity of the original X-Com: Enemy Unknown, ported to your 360 or your PS3, would have made the first perfect current-gen strategy game. It’s not real-time so it’s not frustrating to control, and you could slide micromanagement automation enough to keep both armchair fiddlers and gung-ho actioners happy as you please.

    • >Sceptical as well. Anyone remember Xcom Interceptor?

      That was sheer genius compared to the shooter that was already tried.

      X-Com: Enforcer

      Or rather, Enforther, if you remember the doctor’s irritating speech violating your ears non-stop.

  • The originals are still available via steam, so anyone who wants to relive the glory days can.
    For those worried about the corruption of the XCOM legacy, the developers are trying to preserve the original hallmarks.
    According to a PCPowerPlay interview in the latest issue, the game is set before enemy unknown so it won’t interfere with existing canon, the player will be able to explore and interact with their base in the first perspective, and there will be scientists, engineers, research, manufacturing, resource management and multiple missions spread across the US.
    Also, according to the interview, every effort is being made to ensure the aliens are as alien as possible, none of the familiar races, so players don’t know what to expect and research is required to defeat them.

  • set before Enemy Unknown? How can you even have a base? Xcom was only formed not long before the start of Enemy Unknown. How is that not messing with canon?

  • I was still a young gamer when X-Com Apocalypse came out, so all I remember is having dudes in space suits enter apartment blocks and take out aliens in peoples bathrooms. Or if there were too many monsters leveling the apartment block with a nuke hahaha.

    I don’t understand how that could translate into a FPS game set in the 50’s. Unless these are screens of the opening levels, which show the first contact… That could be cool.

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