Francis Ford Coppola Doesn’t Really Like Today’s 3D

Francis Ford Coppola Doesn’t Really Like Today’s 3D

Francis Ford Coppola, the director of the Godfather and Apocalypse Now, is not a fan of today’s 3D, stating it is no different from the technology available in the 1950s.

While Coppola does concede that digital filmmaking is suited for 3D and that 3D has improved, he points out that the necessity of 3D glasses exposes just how old fashioned the technology really is.

“I feel that until you can watch 3D without glasses, it’s the same thing we know,” he says. The director personally finds watching 3D with glasses “tiresome” and even removed his glasses to watch part of Avatar in blurry 2D.

Coppola believes the big push for the 3D is just another way studios can get movie goers to shell out more for a ticket. Thanks to digital film, it is now easier to make 3D films than it has been in the past. Moreover, Coppola points out that 3D televisions only cost manufacturers $US75 more to make a 3D television. Electronics companies, he adds, want customers to buy new televisions at higher prices.

The video game industry has also seen a big push towards 3D with Sony and Microsoft rolling out 3D for their home consoles. Next month, Nintendo is expected to show its new “glasses-free” 3D portable game machine.

Info and Answers: Francis Ford Coppola: 3D is ‘Tiresome’, by Jason Knott [Electronic House via CrunchGear via Gizmodo][Pic]


  • Coppola really speaks the truth on this. A friend remarked to me he’s sick of hearing people talk about Avatar like it was the first 3d film ever. He saw Jaws 3 in 3d.

  • He’s said what everyone is thinking.

    3D (at least in it’s current incarnation) will never take off as a new graphics technology, as there is a huge percentage of people who physically cannot handle it. I emphasise with Coppola, i did the exact same thing during avatar as it was making me physically Ill to watch it in 3D.

    I really don’t know why everyone is rushing into this 3D shit, we should REALLY be focusing on hologram technology a-la Iron Man or Minority report

    • don’t forget the percentage of the population that can’t see colour :p
      (there will always be groups that can’t take advantage of the various technologies – at least 3D is generally optional; unlike the tactile interfaces required to use its host device like a television or game console)

      “I really don’t know why everyone is rushing into this 3D shit”

      because every 20 years someone makes a breakthrough that sees 3D come that little bit closer to being viable, despite ultimately being a passing novelty each of those times. (especially when you consider the subtlety the current systems can use to bring depth to things like the landscape textures in How to Train Your Dragon or Up, as opposed to the old anaglyph 3D that was mostly large layer shifts of objects like what is still done in movies like Ice Age 3 to ‘show off’ with forced or contrived 3D setpieces)

      “we should REALLY be focusing on hologram technology a-la Iron Man or Minority report”

      actually some of the closest things we have to that are still glasses-based! (Iron Man’s free-floating 3D, but Minority Report’s projected 3D touch interfaces are possible now)
      the physics of light mean that, until we can construct some sort of free-floating fixed-point series of photon pixels, our options are either to project images onto other surfaces (glass screens/smoke/etc.), or to render the surfaces using a VR headset.*

      That technology has so far been implemented in projecting a facsimile of Quake into the real world (scanning the 3D space to work out what the monsters are in front of or behind, but it involved carrying a hefty computer backpack system), and for analysing chemical and engineering constructs (more a novelty, but a VR glove and glasses set allowed them to view and manipulate a 3D image that projected over a table in the center of the room)

      *there is another system emerging that involves eye-tracking to project an image outwards from a device, but it’s limited in the number of people that can be served simultaneously (at least last I heard)

      if anyone’s seen more recent updates to these technologies though I’d be interested to know (eg. apparently the eye-tracking system that previously worked for about 8 people with a 3D TV can now be miniaturised for something like a 3D tablet device)

  • Francis Ford Coppola’s movies haven’t been good in years and his daughter’s ones are even worse. How’s he remain relevant after all these years.

    • Probably because he was and still is regarded as one of the most infliential people in film, ever. The guy won 5 Oscars.

      Nobody outside of “film people” remember Sergei Eisenstein or Andrei Tarkovski, but almost everyone knows Coppola. Besides, he hasn’t really directed anything for a decade, so not making any good movies for years is kind of a weak argument.

  • I totally agree, making us pay more money for something that doesn’t really make a film or game more impressive is pretty lame. I would rather watch the god father series over avatar any day.

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