Frankenreview: Lost Planet 2

It's time to return to E.D.N. III, the beautiful land of giant, heat-giving insects that serves as the backdrop of Lost Planet 2! Before you pack your sunscreen and insect repellant, check out these travel advisories from the video game reviewers.

The winter wonderland of the original Lost Planet is melting away, giving way to the lush jungles than naturally lay hidden beneath a planet that's been covered with ice for thousands of years. It's got heat-giving insects, so anything is possible!

Does that include Lost Planet 2 to achieving universal acclaim?


Lost Planet 2 is a game for masochists, for only they will appreciate the awkward controls, ridiculous save system, uninteresting narrative and cheap deaths; the ones that'll have you throwing a controller at the wall. Almost everything about this sci-fi third person shooter comes up short, including the much touted four-player co-op. It makes us wonder if Capcom understands quality game design at all, and quite frankly, whether it even wants to.


It feels like Capcom tried to craft a campaign out of bits and pieces from Lost Planet's sharp multiplayer component, but in doing so, neglected to consider some of the core elements that make the series unique. Tight corridors largely replace the open canyons that provided the setting of the first game, and most of the highly unique, snow-covered environments are now replaced by genre-standard desert and jungle stages. Even the Vital Suit mechs are marginalized — they're available throughout the campaign — but they're rarely essential considering the game feels designed around on-foot action.


It's absolutely essential that you play LP2 with real people, and ideally people who know what they're doing. The difference between three AI dummies and three people who will work with you, offer support when needed, cover you with a shield, guard the right area of the map, and generally use a brain is huge. It's the difference between LP2 being borderline unplayable due to the difficulty and a great deal of fun. One early defence mission in which the team had to guard mining posts for 90 seconds was a chore when played with AI, but with real people there was the required coordination to make it a well run operation. Later on a giant Akrid whose mouth could be entered proved to be a pain in the arse with computer allies, but as four buddies together, we'd blasted off its legs and got inside in double quick time.


While the game does a fine job of providing more action and less downtime than the original Lost Planet, there are still quite a few glaring issues that will cause unnecessary frustration. The game has a lack of checkpoints that save, requiring you to play through entire chapters in order to get to a point where you can save your progress and stop playing. Couple this with the fact that you can't pause the game (a result of the game's constant online focus) and you'll have to replay some pretty substantial portions of the game.

Game Informer

With most of Lost Planet 2's weapons being bigger than the characters, the game offers a wallop with its gunplay and stands on its own as a respectable shooter. The gameplay mechanics are tuned nicely, allowing players to feel comfortable with the game's wide variety of weapons and vehicles from the moment they are first introduced. The grappling hook makes a return from the first game, and while it is called upon often, it is never used for frustrating do-or-die vertical navigation. When stacked up against the original title, the gameplay is tighter across the board.


I ended up playing through Lost Planet 2 nearly one and a half times. First playing through more than a third of the game with my son cooperatively using final, but not retail code, on the Xbox 360. Then finishing the campaign completely on the PlayStation 3 on my own. It's a fun game, but it's also a frustrating one. The minor issues taken alone don't seem so bad, but in a few chapters they manage to pile up in such away as to nearly destroy the experience. That's unfortunate, because plenty of what makes Lost Planet 2 so much fun, the grappling and gunning, the vital suits, can't be found in very many shooters.

Don't know about you folks, but I still feel pretty lost.


    I like how everyone whines about this being hard, just like they did with monster hunter until Tri, it's still 10 times harder than this, I don't understand the QQ.

      See the thing about monster hunter is that it was fair
      It was boring as all hell for me with the nonstop grind but it was fair
      This one i think theyre complaing about the cheapness of it, that no matter how skilled you are you can still die
      Couple it with the fact that the ai your forced to use to do it solo is pretty dumb and you begin to see what the the problem is

      I've never played the Monster Hunter series, but the people who seem to love it to death also seem to be sado-masochists who enjoy failing over and over and being punished by game designers. eg the Japanese.

    It certainly sounds like there are a few technical niggles with the game... but one of the main problems I think people have had with the game is that they just charge in and try to blast away like it was Gears of War or something.
    I'm definitely gonna check it out at some point though... will may wait until the price goes down just a tad... or until my patience for waiting wanes...

      I've found that the game mechanics pretty much force you to charge in and blast away, more so then gears. There is no cover system making staying back and popping out of cover inefficient, hanging back not running around like a mad man dodging bullets and throwing them back tends to get you insta killed by a sniper somewhere. But mainly it's because thermal energy and the upgrade boxes that enemies drop disappear after a despairingly short amount of time if your the sort of player who likes to hang back and pick everyone off and then stroll through once the coast is clear.

      This can be especially frustrating when sniping as head shotting enemies with the sniper rifle seems to have a high chance of dropping both thermal energy and upgrade boxes, which you’re zoomed in and focused on, knowing you most probably won’t get the chance to pick them up.

      As thermal energy is used for 80-90% of the games mechanics it certainly doesn’t reward you for hanging back.

      I still think it’s a decent game, maybe even a good game, it just feels like it could have been more.

    regardless of what most reviews say about this game - i'm still quite keen to play it and for that matter the first.

    I love how people complain about hard games. I am sick to death of accessibility and hand holding in games. Bring back skill. Game designers need to grow a spine.

      I think the main reason people are complaining is because the difficulty doesn’t feel like it was designed to be that way but rather a consequence of other features not being designed properly. If i had to describe this game in one word it would be clunky. There is a lot of awesome stuff in it but none of it ever feels natural.

      Take the core concept of the game which seems to be the 4p co op. As many people have mentioned the friendly AI is not only useless but at times is actually a hindrance, and then if you go online the fact that as soon as you run out of rea spawns you instantly the moment someone dies rather then last man standing. This means that if you are the most skilled player in the world you may not be able to get past a level if you get partnered with someone who keeps getting slaughtered. Considering that you need 3 allies the odds of that happening are pretty good.

    The worst thing about this game is the very cheap deaths,and also the default control scheme is whacked who puts a reload button on the right analog stick and the run button as B and the up direction pad as zoom, it just doesn't make sense.

    Its more fun if you change the control scheme to B4 (the right stick is zoom, x is reload and the RB is run, makes a lot more sense...) also the look sensitivity needs to be turned to max to enjoy it

    If you wanna get even close to enjoying this game, do not play it in splitscreen as its horrible to say the least (half the screen is taken up by the rader, you cant complete the mission unless both of you are at the checkpoint)

    i however relate the lost planet experience to - hearing a song you like the sound of and it takes you somewhere you may not like the genre but it still takes you - the first was amazing and @#$%$%^ difficult but in the end really cool, im about 1/4 way through this and already the flashbacks of GREENIE in the first was haunting me, I mean the multi player side doesn't really interest me but could yield great results, this game is meant to be difficult. give it a go its a challenge.

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