Free Mechwarrior 4 Here! Who's Ready?

It took almost 10 months since we heard Mechwarrior 4 was gonna be re-released for free, but that day has finally arrived. You can grab it through MekTek now; it's a 1.7GB download.

Mechwarrior 4: Mercenaries will include all the original mechs and weapons of the game's first release, plus tons more contentand improvements. Run go get it through the link, where more details await.

Mechwarrior 4 [MekTek]


    I was a bloody gun in MW4, probably the only multiplayer game I can completely dominate in.

      Wasn't really that hard MP...
      Load mech with as many med lasers as you could
      Toggle all weapon fire
      Circle strafe opponent
      Shoot at legs.

    Doesnt even work for me. "webpage not available on Firefox" and "Oops we cant find this webpage" on Chrome. I guess everyone has flooded it trying to get themselves a free game.

    I have been watching this for about 8 months and gave up last month.

    Thanks Kotaku

    hah, I just played through this again earlier this year (found my cds). I remembered it being so awesome, unfortunately for me it hadn't really stood the test of time, seemed very slow and clunky.

    Maybe it's just me, but I'm hoping they up the speed of the game for the new one (if it comes out) but yeah, it's still a nice trip down PC gaming memory lane.

    I haven't played any Mechwarrior since number 2, can anyone give me an idea how the games have progressed? Not sure if it'd be worth getting this.

      IIRC, the series hasn't really changed at all, aside from nicer graphics etc.

    Their server is down? :x The google links for mektek don't work either.

      It's been down all afternoon. It's a shame they couldn't think about that BEFORE telling everyone to download it.

      I did manage to download their download client before it dies. And after installing that I think I'll skip on this game........ What a pos....

    Thank me later.

      Nevermind. Didnt realised their servers hosted the torrent.

    Living Legends is still in beta but is fun and will tie me over until MW5 is released. still love that vid...

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