Gee, You Guys Must Really Hate Using Credit Cards

According to retail research firm the NPD Group, the biggest-selling accessory in the United States is not a controller, memory card or chatpad. It's a pre-paid points card for an online gaming service.

Yes, for the months of both March and April, the top-selling accessory was a 1600 point Xbox Live card, the equivalent of $US20 in cash. As someone who uses a credit card on a weekly basis for online transactions, this seems absurd, but then I've never had my card details stolen, am over the age of 18, have good credit and have never tried to cancel my Xbox Live subscription over the phone.

Considering at least one of those criteria applies to many of you, you can see why, despite this being 2010, people still like to do business the old fashioned way.

NPD: 1600 MS Points card best-selling 'accessory' for two months [Joystiq]


    I. Hate. Microsoft points.

    Not surprising.
    I don't have a credit card, and only recently got a VISA debit card, so my points all came via prepaid, as with my XBL subscription. However, it's still cheaper to buy prepaid time / points online than direct from MS. Go here (AU/NZ customers only):
    12 months Gold for under AU$50
    1500 MS Points for under AU$25

    modern warfare 2 map pack!

    No, people dont hate credit cards, they just absolutely don't trust microsoft not to "hidden charge" a credit card if you give it to XBL.

    Microsoft love adding clauses in their TOS to let them charge your card at will, check out your statement next time you get your credit card - if it's been attached to an XBL account, and see exactly how many "extra" fees microsoft charges you.

    Well, i tend to get points through sites like gamecard. There's a small saving in comparison to getting them straight through my xbox. i assume they have the cards and open them and pass the code on so maybe that's a reason why there's such high numbers.

    Well seeing as its impossible to remove your credit card from microsofts system with out calling up Florida USA based call center im not suprized.

    Xbox australia used to have the option to remove your credit card but they removed it to encourge people to keep paying for live.

    NOT IMPRESSED Microsoft.

    Sometimes its nice just to physically buy something from a game store. It's not as though you're getting massive discounts for paying with a credit/debit card.

    I'm one of those that is contributing to this. Thing is, I'm not sure why. For some reason I'm quite happy for Valve to have my credit card details, but not Microsoft. Go figure.

    Easy: These pre-paid cards cannot be traced on daddy's credit card balance.

    I don't have a credit card, nor particularly need one. If there's something I have to buy online I just borrow a friends and give them the cash.

    thats because points and gold is cheaper bought online and not from microsoft if that wasnt obvious to you.

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