Gender Benders: The Goddess Of War, Master Chiefette & Dude Raider

Seeing as much of what we associate with a famous game character is related to their gender, how would you feel if, say, Lara Croft was a dude? Or Mario a plumbette?

You can face that bizarro scenario in these pics by David Stonecipher, the same guy who brought us the "game characters with beards" gallery last week.

Strange that, again, Lara Croft is the most terrifying. I wonder if that's down to Stonecipher's art, or how I must subconsciously define Lara by her rack, and not her deeds.

Game character gender swap [The Examiner]


    IT'S A TRAP!!!!

    Wouldn't that be Mistress Chief?

      Or Master Matron.

    They already made Dude Raider. He's called Nathan Drake.

    Lady Link broke my brain.
    If it weren't for the triforce gauntlet, i wouldn't have recognised.
    Very Warcraft.

    no to all except Master Chief

    Haha zelda as a girl that's funny.

      Umm Zelda is a girl?... Don't you mean
      "Haha Link as a girl that's funny."

        why do people still think Link is Zelda?!

          The same reason people still think Samus is
          a) a guy
          b) called Metroid

          People see a name on the box and assume that must be the protagonist, or have only passing experience with the game and reach the same conclusion.

          Probably because every game has the title The Legend Of Zelda in it... but we know better. =)

    eh... did the guy make any change with Sephiroth?

      Yep. This version looks manlier.

    I like how Sephiroth is still basically identical.

      Very dislike - they shoulda shrunk the shoulders or hips or something... looks like a poorly-done lady-boy... :/

    Haha i gotta say thats actually kinda awesome! Now put beards on them!

    Ezio (Ezia?) Can tap me anyday, heh. Link and Sephiroth are practically unchanged!

    I guess we should be glad there's no Bayonetta... :P

    I thought Sephiroth was already a chick?

    I'm liking sexy lady link. Can we get a game about her please?

    How do we know Master Chief won't soon pull a Metroid on us and reveal he's actually a chick?

    You notice that apart from the shoulder pads and a few details on the helmet, female Master Chief looks basically like normal Samus?

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