Get An Inside Look At Modern Warfare 2’s ‘Resurgence’ Pack

Get An Inside Look At Modern Warfare 2’s ‘Resurgence’ Pack

Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward will unleash the new Resurgence map pack for Modern Warfare 2 next week and creative strategist Robert Bowling is here, in video form, to tell you all about it.

When screenshots won’t do, this new look at Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s second (and final?) batch of downloadable content may convince you to drop the 1200 Microsoft Points. Resurgence adds five maps, three new (Fuel, Carnival, Trailer Park) and two old (Strike, Vacant) to the Xbox 360 version of the game next week.

Modern Warfare 2 Resurgence Map Pack – Official HD [YouTube]


    • Can we stop the MW2 hate?

      There’s nothing wrong with the price of the pack (for the PC users). You pay 15 USD (chances are 13.50 USD at launch); this is just around the price of the CoD4 map pack (on PSN).

        • Why would it ever be free? They put the man hours into crafting these maps, how else are they going to get paid for that ?

          • Actually, using the Radiant (callofduty series map editor) it is possible to create a good map in about 2 weeks with about 4 hours on weekends and 1-2 hours on weekdays for a begginer (on their 4th or 3rd map of course.

            Given that these are the developers of the games and that there are probably around 20 people who work on creating maps (e.g artists [lighting], map makers [geometry]) it would take probably about 5-10 (most likely 9) hours all together and most of that would just be compiling the maps and transferring data to eachother.

            These are just new maps i’m talking about, a recreation of a current map would take even less time and would be a complete breeze.
            And how do community map makers get paid for their maps? They don’t. It may not be their job, but they take it like it is (not that i’m suggesting they should be paid, just saying).

          • My point is that they are not actually ‘making’ the maps from COD4 again, they are just putting them in their newer engine and doing a bit of tweaking with teaxtures, lighting and a few doors – so why should we have to pay for that. It’s not as though it’s IW fault, Activisions is the one making the push – they set the price of the map packs

        • DLC isn’t supposed to be free; perhaps that is why it isn’t essential, don’t complain about something that you cannot afford. You just need to face it that some people enjoy these DLC packs like me, and some people don’t, those who don’t like the DLC that is released with MW2 don’t need to buy it.

          Laughable content? Really? I don’t see how maps are ‘laughable’; typically when most FPS games release content, they are usually maps, which have known to be a successful marketing scheme.

          • I can afford to buy the packs, but I choose not to because I think they aren’t worth it.

            I think you may have misunderstood my critique. It’s not the content itself that is laughable. Maps are awesome infact. It’s the price that is laughable. I don’t think any game can justify selling some old maps and some new ones for this price.

            But, to each his own I guess. If you think you’re getting your money’s worth, then great. I was just throwing in my 2 cents, no need to get all on the offensive. I can assure you Activision and Infinity Ward don’t really need my money.

          • See DLC maps should be deff free hell its not really hard to go out make series of decent maps.

            just look at lovely EA they releasing maps for bc2 for FREE.

          • BC2 maps are free BECAUSE they are ‘competing’ with MW2 for everybody’s precious FPS time. Many people choose either/or rather than play both. The Medal of Honor Sniper rifle bonus with BC2 is a nice tie-in too.

            Sure it would be nice if all the content came free, but it would also be nice if we all did our OWN jobs purely for the love of it. This includes maintaining servers and post-release debugs, updates and testing.

            I do agree that only releasing new maps is a very lazy approach to DLC- perks, challenges etc would be very much welcome. Something along the lines of “Rubberbanding Veteran II” or “Lag-Shot Before You Even Saw That Friggin Yank Come Around the Corner 5 Times in One Match”

      • I haven’t played MW2, but if I’d bought it on day one and then bought all the DLC – how much would it have cost me now? US$90/AUD$140? Getting pretty pricey…

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