Get Gish, World Of Goo And More Cheap, Do Good Things

How much would you pay for a copy of World of Goo, Gish and three additional games that don't prominently feature black blobs dripping with indie cred? Thanks to the Humble Indie Bundle you pay exactly "whatever".

Wolfire is offering a five-game bundle that includes Aquaria, Penumbra: Overture, Lugaru, Gish and World of Goo at a pay-what-you-want rate. These cross-platform games are DRM-free and run on Mac, Windows and Linux, so no one need complain. (OK, OS/2 users, you can complain about being left out.)

In addition to letting indie game enthusiasts name their price, Wolfire and the participating indie acts are letting buyers send their contribution directly to charity, Penny Arcade's Child's Play and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, specifically. Give it all to charity, divvy it up evenly, whatever!

The fun and the good vibes from doing good are free, so be hasty with the purchase.

The Humble Indie Bundle [Wolfire]


    What a great idea! Its just a pity I already have the game

    Shame I already have Aquaria, Penumbra, Gish and World of Goo, and have never heard of the others.
    Still, I'd very much recommend anyone else to grab this just for Aquaria, if nothing else. It's easily the best of the bunch.

      the others? you mean lagura?

        You mean Lugaru? Predecessor to the currently under development Overgrowth?

    "OK, OS/2 users, you can complain about being left out."

    What the? Who even *knows* about that operating system these days?

    Cool. I have now bought World of Goo 5 times.

    For those interested aswell, you can get the whole Penumbra collection for $5 if you buy the Humble Indie Bundle from the Penumbra website.

    Amusingly, to experiment, I tried buying it for a penny.

    An image pops up of a developer in bum clothing with a sign begging for at least a dollar, BUT DOESN'T STOP YOU giving a penny!
    (It just jumps to the payment window!)

    Man, this is unprecedented. No FORCED redoing, just a polite request!
    (Granted, in a comedic/emotion tugging way.)

    I had to go back and pay more. :)

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