Giant Buildings That Look Like Video Game Consoles, not giant concrete recreations of a warp pipe. They look like actual consoles.

Or they would, were these real. As is usually the case when we see a big batch of incredible video game photography/art, you can thank French magazine Amusement for these pics, showing what a PS3, DS and NES would look like as enormous buildings.

They're part of a spread fittingly called "If I were President". If I were President, though, I'd maybe scrap the DS one. A cracked hinge on a building that big would be trouble.

If I Were President [Amusement]


    Haha, loving the ps3 one actually, fits in perfectly

    This just goes to show that even architects hate on Microsoft

    in reality this building in Melbourne has ALLWAYS reminded me of a PS3,144.982264&spn=0,0.000571&t=h&z=21&layer=c&cbll=-37.854159,144.98229&panoid=8x1adBfw4z6OPU1BsVszTA&cbp=12,112.67,,0,-34.3

    has anyone actually seen one of the two crown buildings in melbourne? it actually looks like a ps3 IRL

    Comically, the PS3 design could actually work as a building. I'd imagine a vertical standing Xbox 360 and a Wii would also fit the bill.

    everyone on the 12th levels sunlight will be obstructed by some reverse sony text!

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