God Of War Writer Gets Shanked

Marianne Krawczyk, best known for bringing Kratos to life as the writer of God of War, is lending her talents to a different kind of hero in Klei Entertainment's Shank.

Shank's story is a gritty, personal tale of revenge, and that's one subject that Marianne Krawczyk is fluent in, thanks to writing credits for all three console God of War titles, as well as the PSP's Chains of Olympus. Krawczyk's writing should be a nice compliment to the game's fast, fluid action and graphic novel style.

"I'm very excited to be a part of Shank," said Marianne Krawczyk. "I fell in love with the artwork, characters and world that Klei Entertainment created and together we are creating a story that will allow gamers to explore a world where values like integrity and loyalty take on their own twisted meanings."

Shank is due out this winter on Xbox Live Arcade, the PlayStation Network and PC.


    This game looks so sweet. Can't wait for it! That's about the extent of my comment...

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