Good Girl Artist Does A Very Good Bayonetta

Platinum Games' good witch Bayonetta gets the pin-up treatment from comic book artist Adam Hughes - "I have no idea what they are using it for," he says - in a piece commissioned by Sega. As seen (larger) at Hughes' deviantArt page.


    Pretty awesome work. Although glasses mostly make ladies look hot in most cases, I really dont dig them in bayonetta. I think she'd be better off with contacts, and perhaps a chest reduction..

    Love it!

    Yea, this one her breast is a tad large, but still easy on the eye ;)

    However I love her glasses!

    Looks great and I love the fluid motion of the picture. However, like others have said, the breasts are a bit too large :P

    TOO LARGE!?!?!?

    What are you guys, feminists?


    And it's down from his DA account, apparently SEGA didn't want it revealed just yet...

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