Got A Problem? Odds Against You? Download The Equalizer

Got A Problem? Odds Against You? Download The Equalizer

Tomorrow on Xbox Live Marketplace, two bucks will get you a set of tricked out armour for Mass Effect 2, that turns Commander Shepard into “The Equalizer”, and we don’t mean this guy.

Billing the loadout as turning Shep into a one-man army, The Equalizer delivers the “Capacitor Helmet”, the “Archon Visor” and the “Inferno Armor” to your armour locker. They aren’t just for looks, either. Says BioWare:

• “The Capacitor Helmet stores power for kinetic barriers, allowing Shepard’s shields to recharge faster.”

• “The Archon Visor manages omni-tools and biotic amps, reducing the recharge time of Shepard’s powers.”

• “The powered Inferno armour speeds up Shepard’s movements and increases his tech and biotic power damage, additionally stress analysis software even gives him an edge in negotiations outside of combat.”

All yours for 160 Microsoft points. The Equalizer is on Xbox Live Marketplace tomorrow. The Equalizer was on Wednesdays at 10 p.m. on CBS.

Mass Effect: Downloadable Content [BioWare]


  • I finished the game weeks ago! Why the hell would I want to drop 160 points on some mangy armour and visor that looks like a day-glow diving mask??

    • Then I guess that it’s not aimed at the “most people” you refer to. But if you’re somebody who hasn’t finished the game because you don’t have the time (or it’s too hard for you), you might like the option to speed up your progress through the game.

      Of course, this function could also have been provided by a free difficulty slider rather than DLC, but good luck to them. If they have to charge for it, at least they got the pricing about right.

  • the point is to go back and play through again, I will be playing through again because 1. I finished a while ago and 2. there is additional DLC other than this which adds another hour or so to the play time. besides im going to make some different choices this time. if the third game is going to be anything like the cut over to the second game, the choices we make in this game will effect the third one.

  • Wicked, a new visor!. It’ll go well with the Kuwashii and Sentry visors. I love the post launch DLC Bioware are pumping out, although full face covering helmets and armour suits still go unused on my Shep due to the lack of helmet toggle.

    I wouldn’t hesitate to pay for a DLC pack that contained all the pre-order armors with alternate helmetless versions, even though I have the Terminus and Collector suits. That’s really what fans want the most.

  • Rumour has it the next DLC is some Japanese Fighting Fish, a chew toy for the hamster, some retro 70’s bedding and a half-complete Airfix kit of the Citadel on your desk…. Yours for 250 points! Bargain!!

  • It should be noted this is just the preorder bonus equipment from various shops… Inferno Armour from JB hifi, dunno who had the others.

    I didn’t use the inferno armour because it looked terrible and I just hate walking around with a helmet during “talking” areas, it’s stupid (eg people able to recognise you even if you have a full-faced helmet on). I wish they’d let you turn the helmet on/off from the pause menu like the first game.

    • I think only the inferno armour was a pre-order bonus, the rest is new as far as i know.

      Totally agree about the armour though, i would have loved to wear it if you could simply remove the helmet. I hated not being able to see expressions when you were in a conversation.

      Will probably pass, I normally would pick something like this up, but i’ve already got enough little extras in ME2 as it is. It would just never get used 🙁

      • Yeah the expressions are one of the most important things. My Shepard had very thin somewhat glaring looking eyes. Unfortunately when the character wishes to actually glare at someone he closes his eyes further. Led to a couple of funny moments where my Shepard looked at someone with a furrowed brow and closed eyes.

      • I’ve heard of the other parts before, they’re listed as preorder bonuses in gamefaqs guides. I guess they never got released here.

  • I seriously would pay for DLC that did nothing but sort out the helmet toggling they need for the cut scenes.

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