Gran Turismo 5 Gets 24 Hours Of Nürburgring Action

When Gran Turismo 5 ships at some point in the next decade, expect all the high-speed Nürburgring driving action you can tolerate. Developer Polyphony Digital is giving you three ways to enjoy the thrill of Germany's famous. Nürburgring

The official Gran Turismo site confirms that the PlayStation 3 "real driving simulator" will pack in three unique Nürburgring tracks, including Grand Prix course, the Nordschleife and the 24 Hours course. You may have been expecting that, given the infamous track's previous appearances in Gran Turismo for the PSP and Gran Turismo 4, but it never looked quite this good.

Nurburgring Comes to Gran Turismo 5 []


    I’ll be amazed if we don’t get a solid release date at E3 this year. I don’t understand how this game has been in development for so long. I understand they want to make it like the best driving game ever, but its cars moving down a track, not exactly reinventing the wheel. In Turn 10 can make a Forza game every 2 years, then this game better be pretty bloody good.

      "Alright, we're ready to release it!"
      "Wait, can you add realistic weather?"

      One year later:

      "Alright, now we're ready to release it!"
      "Wait, can we add 3d?"

      Another year later:

      "Alright, finaly, we're ready to release it!"
      "Well does it include the latest supercars?"
      "Well, no... but, DLC?"
      "DLC, mmmm. I don't know... you saw Forza 3."
      "Yeah... back to work."

      And eventually:

      "Look, we've got to release this thing already!"
      "Surely there's something else to add."
      "Of course we could... but we wont!"
      "Why not?"
      "Because most of our people are already working on GT6."

        you forgot move controlls

          Forgive me, I don't even own a PS3.
          I forgot about Move.

            Also an inpending array of 1000 plus fluffy dice variations....

            Why dont they just give it to us and call it Prologue II???

    I do hope it is markedly better than Forza 3, that was far too rushed, with the dodgy in-car view not working properly, the removal of LAN play (!), the ultra low-res decals on the Aussie V8s, the awful changes to on-line matchups etc.

    Forza3 seemed rushed and unfinished, and for no good reason, there was no competing product on the horizon, I've ended up going back to Forza2 for most of my racing now.

    Is there a solid release date for GT5 yet? I'm happy to keep waiting, it's not like my PS3 is going anywhere, but yeah, it will have to be pretty glitch-free after all this time or there will be a pretty solid back-lash.

    3D would be good in this.

    Seriously, its the Duke Nukem Forever of racing games... by the time it comes out, it'll be obsolete. At this point it can't possibly live up to its own hype.

    I would be suprised if a new console didn't show up before this game is released.

    I remember reading that when PS3 was being launched it was meant to be a launch title and they b*tched out and released the prologue.......cough lame.

    I can't wait to see the car list though should span from 1912 when the game started development and will have future cars up to 2050 when it will actually be released.

    Now we just have to wait until E3 to get a release date...unless they choose to announce it before/after E3

    Perfectionism is an admirable quality, but this is getting ridiculous

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