Guitar Hero 6 Is A Warrior Of Rock, Apparently

Unlike the previous title, Activision's next Guitar Hero game won't be numbered, so it won't be called "Guitar Hero 6". It'll be called "Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock".

Yes, Warriors of Rock. Sounds dangerously close to the name of a Manowar song, doesn't it? Let's hope the similarities don't end there, and Activision can actually make good on its promise of returning the series to its rocking roots, and away from anything and everything it had become by Guitar Hero 5.

That said, the presence of My Chemical Romance and AFI amongst the featured bands does not bode well, no matter how many Slayer songs they throw in to dilute the effects (so far it's just one, Chemical Warfare).

Guitar Hero 6 Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be out at the end of the year, for PS3, 360 and Wii.

Actually, you know what, screw it. Here's Manowar, in perhaps the best/worst thing ever made. The impatient will want to skip to around 3:48.



    It has been both amusing and depressing that the GH series keeps having all these Metal-like menus with skulls, flames etc, when 99% of the music is like... 1960s, country and emo bands. Back to the good old days of GH please!

      Rockband is your friend.
      Just in case you didn't know,
      Harmonix (the creators of RB) worked with Activision to make Gh1, Gh2, and Gh 80's.

      That's exactly what I've been thinking, it's quite funny, actually.

    Warriors Of Rock is very similar to Legends Of Rock...

    Probably should have called it Guitar Hero III Legends Of Rock II and would get better sales! :p

    lol when will it end!?!

    I wish they would bring out a heavy one already, and i mean real heavy, not metallica heavy :P

      Guitar Hero: Sunn o)))
      I’d buy it

    is anyone else just tired of the whole premise? i mean it was a fun novelty when it came out but does anyone still break out their guitar every day and rock out in the living room?

      Yep, and if I head out to a mates place, I take it with me.

    Seems like Guitar Hero is going the way of Kabbage Boy (from Brutal Legend).

    actually according to a source (, there's more than just 'Chemical Warfare'. Bohemian Rhapsody is on the list. Unless they incorporate piano and vocal harmonies like RB3, this is not a good thing. I'd much rather they saved the song for a quality Queen Rock Band game.

    I started out with GHIII and loved it, picked up WT and was disappointed. Spent AAAAAGES trying to track down this GHIII custom with all the GHII songs, and played that whole thing to death (or at least as much as I could, since some of the bosses were now unbeatable). If this can live up to the likes of those two, I'll definitely be breaking the guitar out again.

    I’ll admit that as the GH series goes on their track list starts looking more and more mainstream, essentially letting everyone have a taste of the pie. And although they may be telling us that they are going back to their roots, I just don’t think that their roots still exist. GH has become a worldwide phenomenon. Activision will put out this game, and regardless of its success will revert back to their old ways with the next game. It’s just become way too profitable to not include a few horrible songs you hear on MTV.

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