Gundam, In Mobile Phone Form

This year is the 30th anniversary of Gundam plastic models (aka "Gunpla"). So, Gundam is getting a cafe, a large plastic figure and a life-sized counterpart (again). You know what this calls for? Yes, a Japanese mobile phone.

Japanese mobile phone carrier Softbank will be releasing a Sharp 12.1 mega-pix OLED "Gunpla" mobile phone this winter. There are also decals, pre-installed software, and a truly epic Gunpla cell phone cradle. (Yes, the phone comes bundled with a 1/100 scale Gundam model kit.) Lady not included, limit one phone per customer!

ガンプラケータイ「945SH G」フォトレビュー、細部まで作り込まれた初代ガンダムの特製プラモデル付き [GIGAZINE]


    Hoping the phone would transform.. beware to anyone that wants to import. Our phone networks are usually too far behind to support even the basics of the Japanese (no internet support).

    These are going to sell like hotcakes.
    Taking bets.

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