Hair Good Enough For Kurt Cobain

Hair Good Enough For Kurt Cobain

You gotta give Prince of Persia star Jake Gyllenhaal star credit. That’s some great hair. So great that perhaps it, not Jake, could star in a biography film about Nirvana frontman Kurt Cobain.

“I don’t know if I’d be the right choice — but the hair from Prince of Persia could translate somehow,” the actor tells music source NME. “We could just bleach it!”

Previously, Gyllenhaal revealed that the developed arm muscles by washing his hair. Wonder what he’d develop if he bleached his hair? The Kurt Cobain Story starring Jake Gyllenhaal’s bleached locks, that’s what.

Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘I could bleach my hair to play Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain’ [NME]


  • It would be more than a stretch to call this gaming news… but he could look the role I guess. I think more important than them choosing someone who looks like Kurt Cobain, they need someone who can play Kurt Cobain…

    Or maybe they could just not make a film at all, and leave his legacy intact? Nope, that wouldn’t turn a profit… Hollywood strikes again! -_-

  • what’s with Kotaku’s fascination with this guy? it’s seems like every other week there’s some off the wall story about him. bit of gay tendencies at the ole kotaku office eh?

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