Half-Life 2 Artist Working On Feature Film (And Game)

If you love the look of Half-Life 2 - and really, who doesn't - Viktor Antonov is the man to thank. But the art director for Valve's masterpiece doesn't just do games. He does movies, too.

For a few years now - since his last project, The Crossing, was canned - Antonov has been working as design director on The Prodigies, a new property from France's Fidélité Films which is being made into both an animated film and a video game.

Due out in March 2011, it'll be screened in stereoscopic 3D, and is based on a book about five teenagers who, after being assaulted, take it all out on the world at large.

In addition to his work on the film Antonov will also be directing the game adaptation. Be interesting to see how much of the development side of things he picked up while working with Valve.


    Best of luck to him, I have a copy of the valve book and it's full of his artwork, it's pretty damn impressive.

    Yeah looks great, sounds interesting. Even that one line on the synopsis has got me intrigued...

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