Halo 2 Diehards Lured With Halo: Reach Beta Codes

Halo 2 Diehards Lured With Halo: Reach Beta Codes

Microsoft sent Halo: Reach beta codes to the last dozen still playing Halo 2 more than two weeks after multiplayer support was shut off for the original Xbox. Maybe it’s a hint to finally disconnect and play something else?

Technically, this isn’t much of an award, as Reach beta keys were to be offered to loyal original Xbox gamers, along with some Microsoft points and a Gold membership extension. I don’t know if that swag has hit for them yet, but at least the “Noble 12” can immediately get into Swordbase, Powerhouse and the like.

And the final 12 holdouts got recognised by the big company, which must be a nice feeling too. Microsoft put out this statement:

A small band of a committed few, engaged in a battle against insurmountable odds. It’s not Noble team from Halo: Reach, it’s the final, passionate few who are still playing Halo 2. We wish them the best in their battle against time. Their tremendous exhibition of courage and commitment makes them ideal candidates for Noble team and therefore we are working to ensure they have everything necessary to participate in the Halo: Reach beta.

Reading between the lines, why do I sense they’re also saying, “Now for the love of God, would you please get out of the game so we can finally shut things off?”


  • Heh, I do think you’re right. This way, they don’t seem like jackasses because they won’t have to forcibly kick them out.

    Which might still happen, though 😛

  • I dont think microsoft CAN kick them off. Once matchmaking is complete, and the game starts, all network connections are p2p between the consoles, arent they? All microsoft has done is remove the ability for new players to join/new games to start.

  • I’m one of those few who refuse to put Halo 2 down. I’ve met so many cool people from that game by traveling to tournaments and random get-togethers. UNFORTUNATELY, I have not received my 400 MS points or my Halo Reach beta code. I had to call Xbox Live Support and complain, and they said I had to wait until the May 6th, and if I haven’t received a code by then, then to call them back. So GHEY! Until then, I will stick to Halo:CE PC! A real Halo game.

  • I was one of the people who got the email regarding the reach beta code for being loyal but I have yet to receive my code

  • I’m right there with you Hugo.. no code for me yet. In the email regarding the shutting down of original xbox games, it says, “Finally, as the beta gets closer, you will receive an e-mail containing the code granting you access to the exclusive Halo: Reach Beta.” It’s the day of the release and I still haven’t received an email. I’m pissed off and will be calling customer support tomorrow, even though I don’t think they will do anything for me. Worth a try, though.

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