Halo Novel Trilogy To Be Republished With Updates, New Content

The publisher of the original Halo novelisations will reissue the original trilogy "with updates and all new original content" in August, beginning with Halo: The Fall of Reach, the prequel that predates the upcoming game by almost a decade

Tor Books, the well-known science fiction imprint, no doubt plans to capture interest in the Halo canon as the game's release date nears. In a news release about the reissue, the publisher reminded fans that Eric Nylund's Halo: The Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, and Halo: First Strike will be joined later in 2010 by "The Forerunner Trilogy," which is being written by Greg Bear.

The Fall of Reach was published in 2001, with The Flood and First Strike coming in 2003. The Fall of Reach of course serves as a prequel to the Halo continuity; The Flood concerns events of the first game, with First Strike bridging it to Halo 2, which had yet to be released when the book was originally published.

That's the reissuing's new cover art above.


    Changing content within the novels disturbs me. I bought those books when they were released, and to be told subsequently that they have been 'fixed' is disappointing.
    I like the new cover art, though.

      I never bought the books, but I can certainly see what you mean. It would also be disappointing that now anyone that wants to read the new 'final' version with the extra content would have to go out and buy a copy, even if they already had a copy of the original. I think books are one medium that don't need re-releases with extra content.

    But will it be on the iBook store?

    I love how they try to flog Halo: The Flood as an Eric Nylund book. Too bad it was written my Mark C. Dietz. haha

      The Flood was a horrendous book. Nowhere near as well written as the Nylund books (though this could have been because Dietz was restricted in terms of content).

    but I don't really want to read them again just for the "updates".

    this is crazy! I've had enough of constanty upgrading computers, consoles and games. Now books????? Its been fixed??? r we just talking spelling and grammatical errors? upgraded with extra content??? is apple somehow secretly involved in this? What next? books with downloadable content otherwise we will never find out the end? I dont condone it but in this case I'll be looking for the torrent version.

      Wait till you hear what George Lucas has done to the origional Star Wars movies.

    So the new book is set 10 years before the Reach game? So the new book will exclude the last part of the old book ie. The Fall of Reach?

    So someone realised that the game Halo: Reach was probably going to stuff up the established canon... oops.

      'So someone realised that the game Halo: Reach was probably going to stuff up the established canon… oops.'

      Oops indeed. Unless Halo: Reach's Spartans are going to magically teleport to somewhere else, they're gonna need to die if the canon holds true. But why let canon get in the way of a good story?

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