Halo: Reach Beta Goes "Free", Has Over 1 Million Players

Halo: Reach Beta Goes "Free", Has Over 1 Million Players

From May 14 to May 17, even those putrid, free-loading Silver Xbox Live subscribers will be able to get in on the Halo: Reach beta, Bungie throwing open the gates to all and sundry for a weekend of jetpack festivities.

There is a catch, of course: you still need to have a copy of Halo: ODST on-hand. But so long as you can scrounge up one of those, you’ll be good to go, even if you’re an Xbox 360 owner who plays Halo online and… doesn’t already have an Xbox Live Gold account.

While on the subject of the beta, Bungie released some stats today covering its first 24 hours, revealing that 1,170,112 people played the game on its first day (Monday), racking up 157,972,986 kills.

No count on the number of assholes whining about something, but that’s estimated to also be in the millions.


  • This works well for my missus. For the first time in, well ever, she thinks Reach might be a fun shooter a play. It’ll be a good chance for her to run around with her own account and rack up her own stats (without skewing mine :D)

  • I’m sure a lot of people are making complaints, and for good reason. A few thoughts of my own if people would like to respond.
    The AR feels a little inaccurate, I’d prefer more accuracy on it but this may be more of a personal choice.
    The Needle Rifle and DMR both seem to take some time to kill people, either through lack of damage or rate of fire. I would probably like this pushed up a bit but again this may just be because I’m not used to them yet, it does seem like headshots is the key.
    The frag grenade trails I think are a little over the top. You can put trails on them if you like but they don’t need to look like fireworks flying through the sky.
    The needler seems to be quite tricky to dodge but takes a lot of shots to kill, so you can easily empty a clip into someone and get a kill, but it feels a little cheap.
    Finally 1 Flag CTF on powerhouse seems a little too easy for the defenders. Everyone can just sit in the one room defending the flag and generally have no problem holding off against the hammer, rocket launcher and grenade spam. Even invisible guys don’t make it far into the room.

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