Halo Reach Dropping In September

September 14 is Halo Reach launch day, according to an AP report. Reach just enjoyed a popular and now-completed multiplayer beta.

The game is Halo creator Bungie Studios' last Halo project and likely one of the biggest Xbox 360 games of the spring.

2.7 million gamers reach for `Halo' [Associated Press]


    I'm not a big fan of multiplayer- well, not really a fan at all- but I really enjoyed the beta. The speed of action and lots of interesting gametypes kept me going back for more. Not to mention the sheer amount of "HAHA OH WOW!" moments that totally made my day (eg last minute wins via some comical method).

    Though given everywhere I read about the beta is filled with people complaining about weapons balance etc, maybe I'm the only one who felt that way...

    going to preorder the game and build myself a time machine.

      For the love of all that is holy, don't, I repeat, DON'T freeze yourself...

    Aw, that's nice of them to release it on my birthday. Thanks Bungie!

    Mr Waffle I'm with you, I adored the Beta and a lot of the complaints I read were from people unable to adapt, or people who wanted the game to be exactly like H2/3, or from the hardcore saying Bungie shouldn't make it noon friendly it should be harder. I found a lot of them silly and baseless, and it surprised me a little how people get a free Beta and still whine about it. Argh!

      Good news, I was hoping they would stick to September as they have been doing for the last 2 Halo games.

      I loved the Beta also. I think the changes they have made are great. I thought the Halo 3 MP was boring, and too similar to Halo 2 - yet somehow a lot worse. I can't wait to play the rest of the Maps and game types when this is released in September.

        I'm just hoping the final game will feature more invasion maps - that was so fun.

    Wasn't really interested in Halo MP until i played reach - defiantly a pick up for me.

    I thrashed Halo 3 way too hard, for good reasons.
    But i was over online gaming all together last year.

    Reach totally swept me off my feet all over again!
    Oh, it is love!

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