HBO Comes To The PlayStation 3

HBO, the home of most of the best TV series of the past decade, will soon be available on the North American PlayStation Network after a deal was struck between Sony and Time Warner, owners of the premium cable network.

Under the terms of the deal, PS3 owners can pay a "premium price" to download episodes of HBO programs, at around the same time they become available on DVD. New content will be added to the PSN every Tuesday.

To give you an idea of what they mean by "premium price", a single episode of True Blood will cost $US3. Which is... yeah, not cheap.

Sony In Deal To Offer HBO Shows Through PlayStation 3 [Nasdaq]


    DAMN! I thought you were going to say shows-to-game crossover.

    I'd kill to play True Blood: The Game!

    Best television in history, my whole family loved it.

    so is band of brothers or true blood the best tv show of the past decade? :P


    Man content providers miss the boat, available as they hit DVD!!!!! So 8-12 months after they hit the torrent sites.

    When will we have a service, ads and all for all I care, when once a show has been aired it becomes available from a reputable source UNTIL the DVD is available, at which time you could opt to pay for the ep free of ads.

    Lets just hope they put out some of the latest stuff like Game of Thrones and The Borgias.

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