Heavy Rain Action Figure Does Not Mope, Shout "JASON!"

Baker009's custom Ethan figure, from Sony's PS3 thriller Heavy Rain, looks great. Sounds great, too, since he never opens his damn mouth.

Standing 6.4", he's not only a striking recreation of the in-game character - down to his slacks and crummy beard - but also includes Ethan's important accessories, like a shoe box, camera, gun and origami bird.

He's not for sale, as it was a one-off commission piece, but if he were, we'd like to see him joined by Jason, Creepy Clown, Sleepy Baby and Ethan's mudslide funset.

[Heavy Rain Ethan Mars Figure]


    I have to say, I'd have loved a Jason button on his back :P

    The likeness is better than pretty much every movie tie-in figure I've ever seen.

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