Here Are Some New Pokemon

Here Are Some New Pokemon

Those guesses at what these new Pokémon look like? Wrong!

The latest issue of kids’ mag CoroCoro shows what the three new Pok&eactue;mon for the upcoming Pocket Monsters: Black and White look like. While the magazine does not appear to reveal their names, it does note that as with previous generation of Pocket Monsters the “type” is important.

The magazine also states that the Pok&eactue;mon trainers are more grown-up than previous trainers.

CoroCoro Scans [ Thanks, knowc!]


    • I think some of the guesses were pretty close, at the very least most of them got the types correct. I agree that I’d like to see the evolutions before I could decide which I like. I traditionally get the water type, but damn totodile’s evolutions were ugly.

      Oh and that isn’t hair on the female trainer, it’s a complex parasitic organism that is slowly devouring her brain. You can clearly make out the tentacle like appendages which once it has finished feeding it will use to attach itself to another victim.

      • Haha! It’s probably a cryptic indicator of yet another new pokemons – Hairomon! With a new type, parasite. Which will spark a new series based on her wacky adventures with Hairomon, trying to latch onto new prey all the time as she pulls it down with her hat – “Oh, silly Hairomon!”.

        But seriously, what the hell are they? Is one of them a demented clown? Are the creators thinking ‘the newer the pokemon are, the weirder and increasingly unwanted they should become’?

    • Looks like someone is trying to revive the hairstyles of the 60’s or 70’s.

      Yeh, I think those 3 look kinda silly. Hopefully their evolutions look awesome. These 3 really do make it seem like a looooong time since the days of Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle…well, it is, just that they enhance the effect.

  • “trainers are more grown-up than previous trainers.”

    I want nintendo to team up with Bioware to make a version in a simmilar manner to dragon age. And by team up i mean Nintendo says to Bioware “We wan’t you to make a pokemon game” and then butts out, cause every time from then on they try to change something would only detract from the game.

  • Why are they not making things that look like they can rip your skull off and eat the contents of it. These ones look like they will kill you with cuddles and kindness.

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