Here Is Your Resident Evil Movie Hunk

Here Is Your Resident Evil Movie Hunk

You might know Wentworth Miller from the television series Prison Break. You might not have a television. I dunno!

In the upcoming 3D feature film Resident Evil: Afterlife, the actor is RE protagonist Chris Redfield, star of the most recent Resident Evil game, Resident Evil 5. (Redfield made his debut in the first Resident Evil game.) This is what Chris Redfield looks like in that game:

Resident Evil: Afterlife will be released this September.

Resident Evil Afterlife – Resident Evil 4 Movie Screens []


  • I don’t have a television, i hook my imaginary consoles up to a large box i place over my head. It plays all the best games, even the ones that haven’t been released.

  • Well, everyone else has been horribly miscast in these piece of crap movies, so it’s not like they’ll start doing right by the fourth movie…

  • Wow so that ass is gonna play Chris Redfield…CHRIS REDFIELD? Did they even try looking for someone who looked liked him? Obviously not but as someone posted earlier, they have yet to do that for any character and why start now? I am glad HUNK isn’t in any of the movies. You see how they ruined Jill, Claire, and the Nemesis. Now they get to destroy Chris, one of the most badass characters ever in video games. If anything they will probably have him fall in love with Alice since Carlos is dead. Oh yeah they ruined Carlos too.

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